Thursday, February 28, 2013

Copper and Breast Cancer. Dang!

This recent research on copper and it's relationship to breast cancer is weighing heavily on my mind.

About a year ago my Naturopath had my copper levels tested (I don't remember why) among other things and when the results came back, my Family Doctor called me immediately to tell me that my copper levels were VERY high. CRAZY high. She suggested I talk to my Naturopath about it right away. And I did. My Naturopath started me on Zinc to counteract the copper. The reason my Family Doctor called first is because any tests my Naturopath wants done have to be requested by a medical doctor - it's the law in Saskatchewan.

We couldn't find any explanation for my high copper levels and I can't FEEL that I'm high in copper. Weird. And so I've been taking my zinc. But now I'll be going back to my Naturopath and my Family Doctor to get my copper levels tested again to see what's going on. I've never had my copper levels tested before so I can't know if they were high before I got breast cancer. It's interesting to me that if it's so significant, why doesn't an oncologist test for it? Then again, we know that low Vitamin D is also significantly related to breast cancer but they don't test for that either - at least mine doesn't.

Here's a report about the research.

Copper Chelation May Help Prevent Recurrence In High-Risk Breast Cancer Patients - Food for Breast Cancer

Recurrence is never far from a breast cancer survivor's mind.