Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Blogging to You From Sault Ste. Marie

Here I am, tucked into bed in my hotel room in "The Soo".  It was a full day of travel, which went very smoothly.  There were several people I knew on the same flight for the same purpose and some people I knew getting off in Toronto.  If you're going to have to fly, that's a nice way to have it.  And my colleague took good care of me! Thanks, Roger.  Having someone to help with the occasional lifting of a suitcase was most welcome.  Those of us who arrived on tonight's flight got here in time to catch the end of the opening reception, which was perfect.  It's good to connect with some people before the sessions begin tomorrow morning. 

It's 10:00 here and 8:00 in Saskatoon but it feels almost like midnight!  I'll be going to sleep right away and, hopefully, will feel rested for a full day of sessions tomorrow.

I must say that my shoulders are feeling steadily better ... I think.  They still hurt badly if I try to move them beyond their much limited range but they don't hurt ALL the time like they had previously.  I don't know if it's the massage, the epsom salts, the Wobenzym, and the magnesium product I'm taking that is making the difference.  Probably a combination of all of these and maybe ... just maybe .... it's the way Frozen Shoulder progresses through the stages.  Stage 1, as I understand it, is the stage of acute pain and limited range of motion.  Stage 2 is, supposedly, less painful but with very limited range.  Stage 3 is the "thawing".  No matter what you do or don't do, I believe that Frozen Shoulder goes through these three stages eventually taking months or even years.  Maybe it will go faster with my working at it.  I hope I'm in stage 3 but I expect I'm in stage 2. 

Good night!  I'll bet Kevin is enjoying a peaceful night at home. Right, honey?

Monday, April 26, 2010

Good Reminders From My Radiation Oncologist

This is what I purchased yesterday. My bathroom needed a breath of green life ... especially since I now spend so much time soaking in the tub. Some Zen.

I saw my Radiation Oncologist today. Not my regular Oncologist. I was mistaken in thinking that appointment was today. It's NEXT Monday. My bad.

So, I saw my Radiation Oncologist and I'm glad I did. He checked me over and told me that I have obviously been taking very good care of my skin and he reminded me to continue doing so and, now that it's summer, to make sure I don't get any bug bites, cuts of sun on the left side of my upper body. He explained that the radiation can continue radiating for up to 18 months. That's a long time to have that still going on in one's body! He said that's why my chest and breast skin is still tender. He said that's normal.

He also reminded me that I must be careful for the rest of my life in terms of lymphodema and just general fluid drainage in my left side. He said even just having 2 nodes removed forever changes the way my body moves fluid and if I overdo things with my left arm, I can increase the blood flow there, which can cause some swelling under my arm. On the other hand, it's important to continue stretching my arm, he says, because both the surgery and the radiation (which is still burning inside) has caused and is still causing scar tissue and tissue tightening inside and that I need to continue stretching that area to maintain mobility. He said the massage and physical therapists are good, considering the situation with my shoulders and arms. He said my left arm is weaker, based on my grip, so I need to be diliegent about strengthening it ... for the rest of my life. It's a lifestyle change, he said, not just a matter of "until I'm better ... it will never be 'better'". Oh. Okay. Gotcha.

He also suggested that I see a "bone specialist" regarding my joint problems. I'll hold that thought and discuss this with the Oncologist next Monday when I see him. I see my Radiation Oncologist again in 4 months. I guess you have to continue seeing him if you're still burning inside.

That was an early appointment. Then I worked in the afternoon. I have a new work space. Movers removed my old office furniture and moved in some brand spankin' new stuff. This is a considerable improvement ergonomically! It also gives me more floor space. YEAH!! And it looks nicer, too. That made for some busy work today getting my office set up again.

And then home ... great fatigue ... and packing. ICK! But that's done. I'm packed for Sault Ste. Marie ... for a social economy policy conference ... and I get back Thursday night. This will be a good test run ... traveling without Kevin to help me get in and out of my jacket and to help with luggage. I have a very small bag packed and I'll check it because of the stuff I have inside that isn't allowed with carry on ... a teeny book (no heavy reading). Just keeping everything as light as possible. Roger has agreed to help me if I get stuck in my jacket, for instance. It will also be a test of my physical and mental stamina ... to see if I can manage whole days of conference type stuff. I'm hopeful, though I'm sure I'll be tired by the time we get home Thursday night. It's a conference where I'll know lots of people, so it will be a comfortable environment, if you know what I mean.

And now I drag myself to bed. I'm SO tired!
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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Santa Fe Chicken Salad a la Earl's

When Kevin said he had taken some chicken out to thaw, I thought, "Why not try making a Santa Fe Chicken Salad like they make at Earl's?". I recall Patty telling me that she found the recipe on the internet and was making a pretty amazing Santa Fe Chicken Salad herself! And the idea was cast in stone when I saw, with initial disappointment, that Kevin had taken out a pre-marinated chicken. As chance would have it, it was a Santa Fe marinade. Done deal.

Here is the recipe I used at I made a few adjustments. I didn't add dates. I didn't use Feta cheese ... I substituted with something I already had on hand, which was a little spiced gouda. I didn't roast a cob of corn. I put the drained corn in the oven for a while instead and that worked just fine. I thought that perhaps my dressing was a little too "limey", but Kevin liked it like that. And all that lime zest is especially good for you, by the way. I didn't add the topping of crunchy tortilla shells or the additional chopped nuts. If I were going to add tortilla bits, I would have just crunched up some from a bag. My interpretation of the recipe was WAY easier and very quick to make. Kevin barbequed the chicken and I did the rest. Well, he had to open a couple of cans for me, but that was it.

I must say, it was very good. You should try it!

I feel quite good today. Ahhhhh ... I had an epsom salt soak after lunch, I did some more housework type stuff and then I decided to get out of the house for a while. On the way to my car, I saw Deb and Marilyn driving by ... or more like they saw me! They had just finished the Run for the Cure! Way to go, you two!! We had a little chat and then I went to Pier 1 because I'm always looking for a deal on a bedside table. I didn't find one. A deal, I mean. Then I stopped at Home Depot and bought a couple of ferns for the upstairs bathroom. They like humidity and low light. Perfect. Then, I stopped at Winners with my plants in hand and found a pot to put them in. Again ... perfect! I got the car filled up with gas (by my neighbour, Duncan ... bonus!) and then home again to make the salad. A nice little excursion. And now I'm done for the day. Tired but otherwise feeling pretty good. My right shoulder is noticeably improved today. My range of motion has increased considerably and the pain has subsided greatly as well. I hope the improvement continues and I hope my left shoulder and arm are close behind.
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Post Saturday Hair Progress Report

I took a blog vacation yesterday. I just needed a quiet day of solitude. Do you see that my "bangs" (if you can call them that) are starting to grow. Finally!! I'm so sick of my expansive forehead!

We tracked Luke's lacrosse game yesterday at noon. The boys took a kicking by Quinnipiac. Luke said Quinnipiac played good and Bellarmine didn't. Otherwise, they would have been quite closely matched. Luke got one of Bellarmine's 5 goals. He said it was a pretty one. Next weekend is their last game and then he comes home. May 3 is home day. First, though, he has to get through this week! He had his first final last Thursday ... calculus ... hard ... and then he has 3 this coming week ... Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. He had a lot on this plate this next while .... studying, exam writing, playing (which means traveling because their last game is at Ohio State University next Saturday), packing, clearning out the dorm room, farewell parties ... and then jump on a plane. All in 7 days. I'm sending him Mom-power from beyond.

After Luke's game, Kevin had to travel for work and didn't get home until midnight. I told him it was just as well because I wasn't feeling like much fun. Not that I was feeling especially awful ... I just needed a day of peace and quiet. And that's what I was able to give myself. I was very tired because I didn't sleep well, but that's beside the point. I spent the day getting Luke's room ready, doing laundry, making up beds, tidying up our bedroom, which had become a repository for all kinds of junk piles. It feels good to have it looking like a more serene environment. It doesn't sound like much, but I can assure you that doing those chores with MY shoulders and arms is significant. I then curled up on the couch to watch movies. Quiet. Peaceful. Productive. Kevin got home around midnight ... with a decadent box of Dark Chocolate covered Macadamian nuts from Pat and Ken, who recently returned from Hawaii.

I highly recommend eating Dark Chocolate Covered Macadamian Nuts before bed. I wonder if they didn't contribute to my soothing sleep last night?! I slept well. The best I've slept in a long time. I woke up feeling rested, which hasn't happened for quite some time either. When I woke at 6:00 a.m., my shoulders were especially sore and I gave myself a talking to for, perhaps, working them too hard yesterday. I took my Wobenzym and then, when I got up 3 hours later, my shoulders felt much improved. YEAH!!

Kevin is off to guppy club today so I have another afternoon of solitude. I have some projects in mind. Some more housework, since it's not an outside kind of day. I need to update my breast cancer research so I have the latest information at hand and my questions and "yeah-buts" all in mind before tomorrow's appointments.  And then ... what to make for dinner. Hmmmm ...

Speaking of "dinner", in the Kerr family, we have such confusion over the word "dinner".  I should eradicate it from my vocabulary!  To me, dinner is the evening meal.  We go "out for dinner" or have people "in for dinner".  "Supper", to me, is also the evening meal, though I never say we're going "out for supper" or "come over for supper".  I might say, "what would you like for supper tonight" or "supper's ready" (though I might just as easily replace "supper" with "dinner") to my family.  And "lunch" is "lunch".  That's how I roll.

Not so for the rest of my family. I can't tell you how many times we've had mass confusion because I've invited my family over for "dinner" and they've interpreted "dinner" as "lunch". Rarely has it resulted in people showing up at the wrong time, but it does make for some confusion during the initial conversations.
Me: "Would you like to come over for dinner?"

Them: "The kids have soccer about that time" or "I don't think we'll be in the city that early".

Me: "We could eat a little later, if that works for you".
Finally, we figure out that by "later", I don't mean 2:30.  I'm thinking 7ish.  We get there a lot faster when the reply is "we just ate dinner", and it's 1:00 pm.

I found the confusion so frustrating that I finally looked up definitions and at least I now understand where the confusion comes from.  For those of you who don't know, here's how it evolved ...

"Dinner" is the term used for the biggest meal of the day.  As long as I've been alive, that has been our evening meal.  In pre-me days, it was very typical, especially for farm families, to have their largest meal of the day at noon, hence "dinner".  Those were the days when people arose with the sun to do their chores and were eating breakfast at some crazy early hour and then were going to bed with the sun, too, at some silly time of earliness ... when you wouldn't want to go to bed with your stomach filled with the largest meal of your day.  So there we go. I just have to remember to never use the word "dinner" with MY family.

This confusion never happens on Kevin's side of the family.  "Brunch" is the confusion there.
Them: "Come for brunch at about 1:00".

Us: "1:00??! Don't you mean "lunch"?

Them: "No, brunch".  
We've now taken to calling that "Lupper", inspired by the word "brunch" itself, it being a word that morphed out of "BReakfast" and luNCH").

Why should dining together be so difficult? From now on we should just say, "Let's get together to eat", pick a time and forget the semantics.


Saturday, April 24, 2010

An Eventful Day!

And what better way to celebrate an eventful day than with cupcakes by Chantelle?! Aren't they pretty?!

I was up way too early this morning but it was for an especially good reason. I had my massage at 9:00 a.m. It was wonderful. Again, she maneuvered my arm firmly but slowly, gently. She would move my arm to a point where I would feel a sharp pain and I would think, "she'll stop now", but she wouldn't. She would make a very slight adjustment while steadily, slowly continuing to extend my arm past the painful point and then the pain would subside. So interesting! She past what I thought was my limit about 4 times that way ... the most subtle of movements, pressure of her hand on my shoulder and the heat of her hand, perhaps, too.

Again, most of the time was spent on my shoulders and then my lymphatic system ... like the way you might use your hands to move water trapped under plastic, working toward the edge to release it. Very slowly ... firmly ... steadily. She also found some very painful parts under my arm and over my ribs. She said the pain was in the muscles that are attached to my ribs and she gave me some exercises I can do to loosen those up, mostly laying on a rubber ball.

Again, her hands got so hot! They weren't hot when she first laid them on me but very soon they heated up. I commented on how hot her hands were and she said, "Yes, you're on fire". I thought maybe she didn't hear me correctly and I said, "No, YOU'RE hot!". She explained that even thought the surface of my skin isn't hot, she can feel the heat from the energy being released deep in my muscles and joints and that her hands absorb that heat. She said it doesn't happen that way for everyone but I seem to be one of those who produces heat.

When the hour was up, I really did feel a lot better. My neck felt longer, which is especially encouraging. Lately I've been feeling very "stooped" and like I have no neck. I've said that it feels like I went to bed 49 years old and woke up 70. At least 70. I know 70 years old who look younger than me! It's been a little discouraging ... like I've been robbed of several years of my life. Then again, I AM alive, right? That's so much better than the alternative. Hopefully, I'll get some of what I feel lost back even if slowly.

So ... the massage was very good ... I go again on Monday, May 3 ... and my shoulders still feel the healing effects of it.

I also got a phone message today saying I have an appointment with an oncologist! YEAH!!! Not only do I have an appointment, it's on MONDAY!! WOW! I'm SO glad! That means I see my radiation oncologist in the morning and my oncologist in the afternoon and I get bloodwork done in the afternoon, too. Like I've said, I have some questions. I want to know if this joint problem could be permanent. The doctor might not know and I'm prepared for that. But I want him to say if he doesn't know and I want to find out if there's someone who does know and/or who I should be seeing about it. Maybe I should be seeing an arthritis specialist? I don't know. Or do I just have to accept that this joint and muscle pain is my new reality and that I just have to endure it. Or is there something that can be done? And I want to know if the Tamoxifen could be part of the problem. Could the drugs be the cause of my shoulder problems? And I want to know if, now that my estrogen has been knocked back to almost nothing, I can go off the Tamoxifen? I have a feeling that is NOT the protocol, but I want to understand better why I'm to be on it for at least 5 years when already my estrogen is neglible. If I've responded so quickly (and some women don't), does that mean I can go off it? If not, why do I need to keep taking it? How long after going off the drug does estrogen build back up again ... if at all? Can I take Tamoxifen holidays. What is the state of the research? Does he know? Does anyone know? See? Lots of questions.

After work today I was SO tired. Cooked. I didn't think I was going to be able to go to Splurge Club. But I drank some diet coke (a no-no) for the caffeine and I pulled myself together. I've missed the past few splurge clubs and I'd been looking forward to getting together with my splurge buddies. It was great and very fun! I had a beer! Woohoo!! What a party animal I am! Bonnie had so much food! We munched and then totally oinked out on chocolate fondue with fruit. And then, after we were all stuffed, she told us there was still cheesecake for dessert! Are you kidding me?!! She insisted it was light and so we all took a deep breath, creating some space, and indulged in some heavenly "lightness". It was an evening of stories and laughs. I love Splurge Club! When it got to the point where one of my eyes kept closing against my will, I came home to Poker night at our house. That's why there are these beautiful cupcakes in my kitchen! That Chantelle! I have to just admire them, though, because I can't eat another bite. And I'm so tired I MUST go to bed. I hope I have a good, long sleep ... and then I'll follow live stats for Luke's lacrosse game tomorrow morning.

Good night, everyone!
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Thursday, April 22, 2010

In Spring a Girl's Thoughts Turn to Gardens and Bicycles

More life bustin' forth in the backyard! How exciting!

I'm still moving a little slower this week. Rats! Last Friday and Saturday I felt quite stellar in comparison. I wish I understood. *sigh*

Still, I had a good afternoon at work. I'm feeling quite accomplished and again I had a hard time closing down shop because I was on a bit of a roll. I got home in time to catch most of survivor. Man, that Russell is slimy!

I'm looking forward to my 2nd massage tomorrow morning. This weather is heavenly and I really want my bike. I was thinking about that, though, and as much as I want my bike, I'm not sure I have the energy or strength right now to ride it. It might turn out to be a big disappointment. Still, I'd like to have it out and ready for me to try as soon as I feel like it. I'd even just love to feast my eyes on it. And stand beside it in my pink boat shoes ... to see if they match as wonderfully as I think they will.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Gaining Back a Bit of Lost Ground

I feel a bit better today.  Not a lot better, but a bit.

I certainly slept better last night, Amen for that!  I was pretty sore in my shoulders and left arm when I went to bed.  I even had trouble holding my book. The weight of it made my arm hurt. It's not some tome ... just a small paperback!  Misery!!  I took my Wobenzym at 1:30 a.m. and then slept.  I woke at 5:00 and my first thought was, "DON'T MOVE A MUSCLE!" I couldn't feel any pain and I was afraid to move. I didn't want to lose that feeling. But, nature was screaming at me so I had to move. Still, I was able to settle again and I wasn't in as much discomfort as I had been the last couple of nights.  So that was a good thing.

I'm not as sore today through my shoulders but my left arm is still more sore. My fingers and legs were also more stiff than usual today. I had a slow start again today but had a good work day once I got there.  And once I get going on a work project, I don't want to go home, so I stayed later than usual ... until I noticed that I really was getting tired and that I should go home and eat something. Still, aside from a bit of discomfort, I was able to ignore it while working for the most part.

I remembered to take my Tamoxifen last night so here I go ... back on estrogen killing drugs.  We'll see how it goes.

It was such a BEAUTIFUL day!  I opened the sun roof on the car and enjoyed the fresh, warm air on the way to and from work. The forecast is for more beautiful weather for the next couple of days. Paradise!!

Happy Birthday to the Queen and Carol!
 I hope you had a HAPPY day!


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Baby Step Backwards

I've experienced enough backward steps to not be surprised by them, but they're still disappointing! 

I didn't sleep well again last night and maybe that's why I feel rather crappy today. Maybe I can manage one bad night's sleep but not two.  I also neglected to take my middle-of-the-night does of Wobenzym N. Maybe both of those things are why I hurt more today.  I'm glad I forgot to take my Tamoxifen of I'd probably be blaming how I feel today on it.  I'll take it tonight. 

My shoulders hurt a lot today and it feels like I have a pinched nerve in my neck. My whole left arm feels weak. I notice it most when I'm typing at a computer.  My arms feel like they just want to drop and hang by my side.  I did get to the office this afternoon but only after some time spent waffling between going or staying home.  I got some work done this afternoon, so it's good I went.  I wouldn't have felt any better staying home, I don't think.

So that's the kind of day it's been.  May it PLEASE be better tomorrow.  This weather is toooooo good to be wasted on feeling like crap!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Slow Growth

The garden is starting to come to life! It's so exciting!!

I had a good day today. I was a little slow getting started ... a bit of trouble sleeping meant I slept late followed by a lingering epsom salt soak. I was just moving slow. But once I got myself together, I felt good (aside from the aches and pains and general stiffness, I mean). I had a good day at work and Kevin had cooked a lovely meal by the time I got home. Thanks, Kev!

I have to say, I'm having a little trouble with my spring wardrobe. It was so nice today, I put on a dress worn often last summer ... with hair ... and a matching brown 3/4 length sleeve cardigan. But it just looked wrong without my usual more girlish hair. All wrong! Girly clothes just don't match my hair. My ensemble looked a bit better with the straw hat I wore with it, but still ... not quite right. I find that my new hat carries some outfits but I coudn't wear it with this dress because the colours clashed. In retrospect, it's times like these that I should just bust out the wig.

Right now my hair just screams clothes that are the opposite of feminine. My hair screams overalls! This is very confusing for me because I've never had to think about what does or doesn't match my hair. My hair was a part of my personality and so it and my wardrobe all matched. Or, at least in my mind they did. But now that my hair isn't "me" ... my clothes feel all wrong. I'm not one of those who looks beautifully feminine bald or near bald ... I need hair! Lots of hair!! I'll bet most of you have never had this problem! Ultimately, if this is the worst of my problems, hallelujah!!

Yesterday was a slow day after all that fun the night before. Not a bad day. Just a slow day. I had a nice, long telephone conversation with my partner -ib-breast-cancer, Berny! She had some good suggestions for me. Kevin helped Darrel move gyprock into the basement at the condo, which he is finishing. And later Darrel and Lynn had us over for dinner along with Kathy and Ricardo. We got home early, though, for an uneventful night on the sofa.


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Artistic Puffs of Steam

This is a permanent installment at the 21c Hotel. It held the same fascination as the first time I watched a smoker make series of smoke rings.

Cloud Rings (2006) by Ned Kahn.

"A series of devices set into a sunken courtyard that continuously shoot rings of fog up into the space between two buildings. The billowing rings are seen from the street as well as from the windows of the surrounding buildings. This exhibit produces rings of mist (similar to smoke rings) a few times every minute. The torus shaped smoke ring travels straight up. The exhibit uses an ultrasonic humidifier to generate the mist, which collects under the domed top and is ejected out when the exhibit pulses. A gear-motor rotates a cam, which pushes a diaphragm against spings to store energy for the pulse."


Art! Art! Beautiful Art!

This top work was created by shooting bullets into a flat black painted pline wood. Fascinating!
Alain Declercq (French), R.I.P./Sarkozi, 2007. 4500 bullets in a pline wood.

The 2nd work is self portraits of the author with photographic pieces of his relatives collaged onto his own photo. It just looked weird until I better understood what the artist was doing and then it, too, was fascinating!
Germán Gómez (Spanish), Drawn VI (from Drawn series), 2007. Mixed media drawing.

The 3rd work is NOT a photograph. It's entirely rendered in pencil! COOL!
Bill Vuksanovich (Serbian), Ajay, 1990. Pencil on paper.

This 4th is giant photographic work done by Nathalia Edenmont (Ukrainian), Black Night, 2008. C-prints mounted to glass in wooden frames.


Nice Meeting Rooms at 21c!

Learn more about it and the individual pieces here.

More 21c Art

The top photo is by Jose Maria Cano (Spanish), Barack Obama (from The Wall Street One Hundred), 2008. Paraffin wax, pigment, encaustic on canvas.

The 2nd is by Chuck Close (American), Lucas, 1993. Silk, linen. He's one of the artists I have long admired and this was the first time for me to see the real thing! Very exciting!

The 3rd is a series of works by Annie Kevans (French, England-based). Oil on paper.

The 4th is by Kehinde Wiley (American), The Prophet and the King II (Columbus), 2006. Oil on canvas.

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Bathroom Art at 21c

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Text Rain

This was so cool! It took up the whole wall between the two elevators on the main floor of the hotel.

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The 21c Hotel in Louisville

Kevin read about this hotel/modern art gallery in an On Flight magazine. It was AMAZING! I can't believe I didn't see anything about it in the travel information I read about Louisville. Here's the link. It's a 5 star hotel.

It's across the street from the Arts and Crafts Museum and the Science Centre in downtown Louisville and a block down from the Louisville Slugger factory. It's easily distinguishable by the red penguins. When Kevin saw those he remembered the article he'd read so we walked across the street to check it out. The Red Penguins are a Permanent Installment by the Cracking Art Group Plastic, edition of 200. 47 x 19 x 18 inches. Go here if you want to learn more about them.

IT WAS FABULOUS!! In fact, aside from my quilt day, it was probably the most impacting thing I've seen in Louisville. It made my brain tingle. I LOVED IT!

I saw the works of some artists I've only ever seen in books and magazines and the works of artists unfamiliar to me, too. Did I say how much I LOVED it?! It makes your imagination go ziiiiing!

About the hotel ...

"21c Museum Hotel is more than just a place to spend the night – it's a 90-room boutique hotel, contemporary art museum, award-winning restaurant and cultural civic center nestled in the heart of Museum Row in historic downtown Louisville. With over 5000 square feet of art-filled meeting and event space, 21c guests enjoy authentic Southern hospitality and accessible luxury while exploring the work of contemporary artists in America's only museum dedicated solely to art of the 21st Century. Applauded by Travel & Leisure Magazine as "one of the most ambitious unions of art and hospitality ever undertaken," and hailed by The New York Times as "an innovative concept with strong execution and prompt and enthusiastic service," come meet the infamous Red Penguins and discover how 21c Museum Hotel is redefining the art of hospitality."


It's All Coming Back To Me!

And here's my whole yummy plate! There was a lot of food. We ate it ALL!

Coco and Kevin had a little pre-dinner chat on the deck.

And then, after dinner we sat on the deck again and watched all the birds flying from the dump to the weir! It was magical! And then, someone had to mention "Rock Sugar", which, if you don't know already, is a Karaoke establishment in Bedford Square on Broadway ... and Erin IS the Karaoke Queen and she had never been to Rock Sugar.

From there my lips ... and camera ... have been threateningly sealed ... but I can say we had a great time and that even our two most reticent participants (one we got one of them out of the trunk) turned out to be TOTAL ROCK STARS!  Elvis Presley's "Suspicious Minds" was a big hit in our private Karaoke room.  If you haven't been, I tell you it's total freedom for even the worst singers to sing loudly and badly with complete approval ... and not just approval ... encouragement! It's SO fun!

Things got a little silly, of course, and we laughed so much! 

The best part of the whole day for me was feeling "almost normal" (sorry, Norma, I know how sensitive you are about the term).  The idea of "almost normal" crossed my mind on Friday afternoon at work when I was feeling as close to "me" as I've felt for a long time ... in my head and in my being.  Then, yesterday, I was feeling that way again. If I ignore my struggle getting out of chairs and in and out of cars and the occasional limping and sore shoulders ... and if I don't pass by any mirrors ... I otherwise have felt quite "normal" for the past couple of days and that makes me so happy!  To be able to have fun with everyone last night was SO great! It seems like it's been so long since I've been able to stay awake late at night and just have a great, silly, time.  And today I'm going to take things very easy just so I don't jinx this feeling.  Of course, I intend to start back on my Tamoxifen on Monday night (it being 2 weeks since I went off of it) and that might have some impact on this lightness of spirit ... but maybe not.  Maybe not.

I so needed a night of fun. You can't imagine!!

I was sorry to have missed the rest of Alexa's dancing, but I know I'll be able to catch more of it at her year end recital. Keep it up, lucky toes!


Fabulous Friends! Fabulous Meal!

We LOVE it when Erin decides to try a new recipe and has way too much food! She made the most scrumptious Chicken Wellington and roasted sweet potato. We already had pork tenderloin ready to barbeque so we brought it with us and Kevin barbequed it there. Dave and Laurel brought pre-dinner snacks and we sat out on the deck ... in the warm, fresh air ... before dinner. It was a delicious meal! On a beautiful day! The promise of summer.


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Just Sayin' ...

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