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I've been dreaming about making quilt for about 30 years. During that time, I have admired quilts, read about them, studied them, studied techniques, amassed books and magazines. Between work and kids and the busy life that comes with those, I was never able to devote any time to actually MAKING quilts. Until now. I had planned to wait until I retire to start quilting but have since decided that life is too short to put off something I feel so passionate about.

My Mom, who is a skilled seamstress and a perfectionist, helped me with Josh and Noelene's Wedding Quilt (see below). I chose the pattern and fabrics, did all the cutting, a lot of marking and pressing and all the hand applique. Mom did all the machine sewing. I was terrified of machine sewing and, besides, I had a totally crap machine. I would challenge anyone to try making a quilt on that thing. I know. I tried.

After that quilt, I knew it was time to let go my training wheels and go solo. Look Ma, NO HANDS! A friend sold me her old Pfaff Tipmatic, which has made all the difference, and I've finally started making quilts ... all by myself! I'll post my quilting finishes and works-in-progress here.

QUILT FINISHES (2011/2012)

Josh and Noelene's Wedding Quilt

Bo's Farm Fresh Baby Quilt
  - hand stitching close-ups 

Hugs and Kisses Wedding Quilt for Alyssa and Tyler

90 Squares of a Curious Nature (a 90th birthday quilt) - for Uncle Reg

Plus Quilt for Luke

Quilt for Robert


Blue/Green/Ash Quilt - For Alanna
  - The beginning - pattern and fabrics
  - Progress

Yo-Yo Quilt - for ME mayb.  I've made 600 of the approximate 1200 I need.

White and Black Handkerchief Quilt  - for Hannah

Child Sized Vintage Hankie Quilt - for Charlie
  - hand quilting

Farm Fresh Baby Quilt #2 - The Girly One - for Claire (no link yet)


Lined Drawstring Bags
  - Test Bag

  - Two more bags
  - Another two
  - A bunch of lined drawstring bags

Co-op Mug Rugs - Recognizing The International Year of Co-operatives, 2012 (for my colleagues)

Mug Rugs for Mom and Auntie Anne

Seven Wonders Table Runner for Matt

My Modern Quilt Guild Name Tag

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