Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lacrosse in Victoria

Our last night in Victoria we watched Luke's team, the Shamrocks, play the Salmonbellies, to whom they lost. While we wish the outcome had been different, we were happy to get the opportunity to see Tom Newton and Regan Harding from Saskatoon play with the Salmonbellies. We're not used to them being on the opposing team. We talked to them for a while after the game. Both are looking great and appear to be doing very well.

Luke is Number 26 (green) in the photo. I tried to get photos of Tom and Regan but didn't manage to get anything worth posting. It's hard to get good lacrosse photos in arenas with my little point and shoot. Lighting, plexiglass, and the speed make it hard to get a good shot.

After the game, we met up with the other parents (of Bellarmine boys) for dinner at a local pub. We saw the Karen and Barry Kelly (Liam's parents), Lori and Kerry Leung (Karsen's parents), and Darlene and Randy Wong (Jordan's parents). Austin Powell, a Bellarmine teammate from Temecula, California, also joined us. He had never played box lacrosse before and I think he's really enjoying it. It's a real loss to the Shamrocks that Karsen has a sprained ankle and won't be playing for at least another couple of weeks. Barry had just had elbow surgery and this was his first outing. Good thing for drugs is all I can say. Without them I believe he still would have been in too much pain to join us. The Victoria families have been very helpful in getting Luke set up in Victoria. We can't thank them enough and hope we have the opportunity sometime to return the favour.
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Boating with Captain Don and Nancy

A few of Luke's teammates at Bellarmine University are from Victoria and over the last three years we've met up with all of them in Kentucky at one time or another. Our trip to Victoria allowed us to meet up with them on their home turf.

One day Don and Nancy, Mitch's parents, took Kevin, Luke and I out on their beautiful boat! Very fancy! It can sleep up to 12 (Kevin corrected me and said it sleeps 6, though I could have sworn Nancy said 12 ... hard as that is to imagine), though I wouldn't want to try that. Fitting 12 people into the living quarters strikes me as similar to seeing how many people you can get into a phone booth. Still, the boat is much more spacious than I would have imagined from the outside. Mitch was somewhere else fishing that day. Fishing is his passion. Lacrosse is something he does on the side.

Nancy brought party fixings and we had a grand time on the boat. The day started off a bit windy so Captain Don toured us through the Victoria harbour, which was also bigger than I had originally thought. The wind died down later in the afternoon and the sun shone beautifully. We weighed anchor and just enjoyed the scenery.

We had a few beers, of course. It was too hot not to!

It is crazy freaky to watch the water planes fly into the harbour to land! It looks like they're landing in the middle of the city ... and they kind of are.

I was also amazed to see the houses/shacks in the harbour. Right on the water! Right downtown!

For we landlocked landlubbers, seeing so many boats is cool!

There are some seals that are regulars at the marina where Don and Nancy dock their boat. They were fun to watch so close.

When they want food, they slap the water to get attention.

We also saw seals on a little rocky island out further in the ocean.

They were sunning themselves.
There are, of course, some ginormous homes along the water. Kevin and I had thought about pricing them out but I think they'd get too much wind off the ocean, don't you?

This one was especially ridiculous!

I think Kevin fancies himself a sailor! 

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Deadly Cute Lacrosse Players

Well, of course I think Luke is "deadly cute" but he has since been relegated to the "handsome" category. THESE little lacrosse players were DEADLY cute!

They come out for a little scrimmage between periods at Shamrock games in Victoria. It takes me back ...

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A Growing Ava

My wee neighbour, Ava, visits us from time to time. She's just come home from the water park and is checking out our flowers with us.

She's showing us how much she's grown. I'm not sure it's clear in this photo but both her feet are off the ground as she leaps to touch the fuschia basket hanging from the tree. She can't reach it standing.

It's so nice to have neighbours of all ages, which we do. Actually, when I come to think of it, we're now among the "seniors" on our block. How did that happen?

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

We've Been Punked!

While we were away an intruder invaded our garden. He must have had an accomplice!

Kevin tried to drag him out from under the foliage but he wouldn't budge and Kevin seems to have injured himself in the attempt. Kevin says, "We've been punked!"

Hmmmmm ...
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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Found! A Secret S'more Farm!

On one of the small islands near Victoria we spotted, in the distance, a smattering of white. The white blobs didn't appear to be moving so we guessed they weren't critters. We didn't have binoculars so I used my camera to zoom in and haven't looked at the photos until now.

The top photo is zoomed in quite a bit. I still can't tell what they are.

But this second photo - really zoomed - identifies the white blobs! It's a giant marshmallow farm!

I so want to make a giant s'more with these!
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Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Pause For Vacation

We've been in Vancouver and Victoria to see our babes and it's been a blast! I've been waaayyy too busy to blog about it. Not just busy but also very tired. This was the first morning I woke up before anybody else and I finally have a bit of time before we had to get rolling. It's going to be tough to go back to work in a couple of days!

Hannah took us to a beach in Kitsilano as soon as we arrived in Vancouver last Friday. This is what she typically does before or after work (a few blocks from the beach) on a nice day.

We were able to spend a lot of time with Hannah and Matt. They kept us greatly entertained! We went to the Farmer's Market at Trout Lake in Vancouver. I love a Farmer's Market.

Now we're in Victoria and are finally able to spend some time with Luke. We've been boating. Here, have a beer! Kev's buying!

And, of course, we've seen some lacrosse! Luke had two games on the mainland that we were able to see (they won both) and we'll go to one tonight in Victoria.

I'm definitely not ready to go home.
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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Happy Birthday, Don!

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Happy Birthday, Jim!

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Monday, June 13, 2011

What's In Our Garden Today?

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