Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Two More Drawstring Bags Made

Twins! I had a remnant of this Echino bicycle fabric - just enough to make two bags. I wish I'd had some appropriate blues, turquoises or pinks to use for the interior and the strings but the eggplant will do, I guess. I'm trying to just use fabric I have already. The strings need 32 inches of fabric so fat quarters are too small unless I piece them and I don't want to do that. This limits me considerably for string fabric. Good thing I won a few solids a while back because they're coming in handy now.

Endometrial biopsy - normal. As expected. I wasn't worried about it. It was completely cautionary but there's a certain degree of comfort knowing it was normal nonetheless.

Our colds are still bothersome. This is becoming tiring ... for real and in the annoying sense.

Luke comes home on Friday! That's pretty exciting! That means no sewing for a while because I need to get his room ready and tidy up our dining room, which doubles as my sewing room. I should take a picture! Try to imagine a fabric tornado. That's what it's like right now. I have almost my whole stash scattered about in my efforts to coordinate fabrics for a few bags. Sheeesh! Now I need a studio.

Hannah and Matt are in Paris right now. Far, far away!
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  1. These look great! I love the spotted lining! Could you use some ribbon or something like that which you could buy by the yard for the drawstrings? It would make the job quicker too!

  2. Adorable the fabrics you chose!

  3. Hey, congrats on your win over at needles and lemons!!!

  4. Love the bags Heather. They were put on my list as soon as I saw the tute a while ago. Haven't gotten to them yet though!
    Congrats on your win at Needles and Lemons!


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