Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Latest Quilt Project

I'm still quite new to this quilting business and it's a good thing I don't have any real sense of how long the steps take. If I did, I might never have started!

After fabric selection I pressed everything. That took a long time.

Then I cut. And cut. And cut. In addition to these 200 6" squares I cut 400 3.5" tan squares. That took a long time.

The next step was to draw a diagonal line on each of the 400 tan squares. That took a long time.

Then I pinned two tan squared onto each of the 200 print squares. That took a long time.

Then, after a bit of a Sunday melt down when I couldn't get my bobbin winder to work, I eventually got all the tan squares sewed to the print squares.  Thank you, Jo, for coming to my rescue!  I bought this machine from Jo and so, in desperation I called her for help and she came right over. She saved the day. This was the first time I'd used my machine since having it serviced and I was afraid something had gone horribly wrong. It was just a little glitch and Jo the Pro knew what to do.

The sewing was the fastest part.

After that, I spent quite a bit of time trimming all the corners and more time pressing seams open. I still have a lot of pressing to do. It takes a long time.

Then I'll have to play with the layout and see if I have enough squares for what I want to do. I still have other squares in reserve and ready for sewing if I decide I want more.

I wonder what to do with all those little triangles I made by trimming the corners? There's a lot of them ...   an equal mix of tan and pink/orange/purple prints.  Do people really throw those away?  I see them being made into little half square triangles. Pretty diddly stuff for a beginner like me and I have so many other projects to finish (who am I kidding ... projects to START). Wouldn't a border of little half square triangles be cute?  Maaan. That would take me a LOT of time.  Just watch. I'll do something with them. Eventually. Any ideas are welcome!

So, after I get a satisfactory layout, it will be time to sew all the squares together and try to match points as much as possible. That will take a long time.

Did I mention that this quilting stuff takes a LONG time?!  Good thing I enjoy it!

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  1. You're right- the sewing part takes no time at all! It's the cutting and pressing which is time consuming! If I was you I'd sew those little HST straight after cutting! Don't worry about pressing them yet! But if you leave them you most probably won't go back to them! BTW your blocks look great!

  2. Fabulous. I'm almost getting the itch to start something. . .like I need something new to do. (Can't even remember to do the things I planned ~ like measuring a friends kitchen!)

  3. Pretty fabrics! I agree with the comment up the HSTs now, and then set them aside for a border, or to make pinwheels with them. If you wait, you probably won't use them! Looking forward to seeing what you do with 'em!


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