Friday, August 10, 2012

Small Towns - Where the Fun's at!

I had the great pleasure of attending the annual lawnmower races in White Bear this year.

The bar/restaurant across the street was just hopping, there was a big yard sale, a vintage car show/competition, tire burning (I still don't get the thrill of seeing how long it takes to burn all the rubber off a set of tires), a beer garden, and ... lawnmower races, naturally.

Any excuse for a good time. You can count on rural people to be creative and find ways for everyone to have fun. I can't remember when I last saw so many people and cars in White Bear.

And where else can you look down a back alley (or should I say THE back alley) and see a couple of horses lazing about.

The pretty, little girl is Cindy's neice's daughter who I don't recall ever having met. A very sweet little girl.

And yes, that's my Mom (in red) in the beer garden, in the middle of the action where she most likes to be.

White Bear. YEAH!
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