Friday, December 14, 2012

Luke's Home for Christmas!

And when Luke comes home, all our other boys come home, too!  I missed some latecomers in this group shot and a few who couldn't make it … some because they had exams this morning.

In case you're not sure which one is our Luke, he's the one with the black LA ball cap ... and the MOUSTACHE!!  None of them can be contenders with Kevin's moustache and Movember beard-like thing.

Evan's eyes were half closed for the group shot so I've made sure to include a photo where his eyes are open.  This was taken after the 2nd batch of young men arrived ... and then they kept on coming. Girls, too.

Kevin and I smiled so much all night our faces hurt today.
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  1. Let's here it for digital cameras. I remember taking two rolls of film and then, when printed out, eliminating all the closed eyes, the looking the wrong direction, the corny poses, and then sorting through the remainder trying to find just one decent representation of the group. Now I have a son who is great at photo manipulation.

  2. Lol - that looks like a houseful of trouble! :-) Have a Merry Christmas, m'dear!


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