Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Blogger's Choice Fabric Bundle

This was a fun little exercise. It involves creating a bundle of fabric (12 prints and 3 solids) from The Fat Quarter Shop. It's a bit time consuming to do and not as easy to do online but, nonetheless, I persevered enough to create a couple that I like. If it were easier to do I'm sure I would make lots of substitutions but I'm done.

You can see many others here as well as instructions on how to make and upload your own. It's great to see the combinations others come up with. Some of my favourites are here (navy grey coral), here (grey olive orange), here (eggplant orange pink yellow), here (orange purple grey), and here (blue white grey black).

This is also a contest where winners will win their bundle! Cool! I certainly don't expect to win anything. There are SO MANY entries and some really gorgeous bundes created. Still, a girl can dream ...

This red, grey, black, white combination is my entry. I've had these colours on the brain ever since Luke said he'd like his quilt to be red and black plaid flannel. He and I finally settled on that being the BACK of his quilt, which he can use as the front, but that I will make some kind of complimentary pieced front ... that he can use as the back. Just another project in what is becoming a fast growing long list.

That top one with all the pinks, purples, and oranges is really pretty, isn't it?
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  1. It really is pretty and thanks for linking mine up as one of your favorites. Your solids match perfectly that would make a lovely project indeed :)

  2. Hello from a fellow Canadian. I am out in Kamloops B.C. Found you on flickr : )


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