Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Isn't She Lovely?!

I received a FABULOUS and UNEXPECTED gift! Yes, this beautiful little head vase!

If you don't know, I already have 5 different ones that I love. I found one several years ago at a garage sale and fell in love. Since then my Mom found 4 more and I cherish them all. They look very pretty with flowers in them.

And then this little beauty arrived! An unexpected and unnecessary gift from Shelley. I just LOVE her! And I LOVE this little head vase, too!

My night time photos don't do her justice. I need to photograph her in proper daylight. She's just a little bit smaller than 4 of my head vases and then I have one head vase that is just a bit bigger than the others. I hadn't seen one this size before. So sweet!

Shelley also sent 3 jars of what I guess are home-canned salmon! Kevin is especially eager to give that a go.

Thanks, Shelley! SO MUCH!!

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