Monday, September 3, 2012

A Weekend With Meghan

Meghan spent the long weekend in September with me and we had so much fun. It makes me miss Hannah and Luke all the more because we did all the kinds of things I would have done with them when they were Meghan's age. Kevin was away for the weekend so it was just Meghan and me.

What did we do? Well, so much!

We went to the fireworks along the riverbank both nights. We just walked the 4 blocks from our house to Rotary Park. The weather was so nice. We lay back on a blanket on the grass among thousands of other happy revelers and enjoyed the show. We could see so many people gathered on the other side of the river, too, many with glow-in-the-dark accessories. The fireworks were set to music and we ooohed and awwwwed ... after which we went for ice cream. The first night we went to Homestead on Victoria and the second night we went to Jerry's, which is where we went for dinner one night, too. I must say, I prefer the ice cream and gelato selections at Jerry's. I'm never disappointed. I ordered the chocolate covered goji berry ice cream at Homestead and honestly, there were just TWO chocolate covered goji berries in the whole otherwise boring vanilla cone and they were so hard, I was worried I'd break my teeth on them. They should have just called it Vanilla with Two Rocks.

We went to a 3D movie, ParaNorman. I didn't realize it was 3D until they handed us the glasses at the gate. I'd never been to one before. It was FUN! Meghan wore some of her knew clothes that we found while shopping that day.

We toured the University and looked at lots of the buildings and green spaces.  We had dinner at Fudruckers. We watched a late night movie on tv.  We had smoothies at BoosterJuice. Meghan's was yummy. Mine was gross. Gross because I tried one of the veggie/fruit juices instead of a yummy smoothy. Hannah probably would have liked it but I really patted myself on the back for enduring almost the whole thing. There was a lot of ginger in it which is surely good for me but made me feel a little "ick". Meghan tasted it and she thought I was a real trooper, too.

We went to the farmer's market and looked at this and that.  We had hoped to try a macaron but they were all sold out by the time we got there. We did have a nice little lunch before we went SHOPPING!

Yes, we shopped. Just the Midtown Mall but we pretty much wore our feet out there. It was really, really, FUN!

And Sunday, before we headed out of the city to give Meghan back to her real family, we stopped at Crave (the cupcake shop) on Broadway and behaved like total princesses.

I do miss having kids around to do those things with but I'm awfully glad to have a niece who seems happy to indulge me!
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