Sunday, September 16, 2012

Quilt Lables Done!

 Now these two quilts are really ready for delivery.

For Alyssa and Tyler's wedding quilt, "Hugs and Kisses", I used 4 half square triangles that were left over from the trimmings and then, because I've made the inclusion of a "hankie label" my signature, I added a little embroidered corner from a hankie in the middle. I wish I'd had a hankie with a teeny tiger lily on it, but nope and I wasn't prepared to embroider one myself.

For Uncle Reg's quilt, "90 Squares of a Curious Nature", I used the corner of a hankie that featured red roses, since Uncle Reg is famous for his rose gardening. If you're wondering about the name of the quilt, it refers to the fact that there are 90 squares (for a 90th birthday) and the fabric line I used is called "Curious Nature". Fittingly, Uncle Reg just happens to be a curious guy ... so perfect!


Click on the photos to see close-ups.
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