Saturday, April 21, 2012

Green Tea Slows Development Of Tamoxifen Resistance

Green Tea Polyphenol EGCG Slows Development Of Tamoxifen Resistance - Food for Breast Cancer:
" ... a new study has reported that EGCG [from green tea] can slow the development of tamoxifen resistance in hormone receptor positive breast cancer cells."
Note to self: Make green tea. Drink it. Even if you don't like it very much. Do it. Some finger wagging going on here.


  1. Drat - wouldn't you know it that it would be green tea we need to drink...dirt and sticks....

    1. Wow, between you and Tim I am getting the green tea lecture from all sides...if I drink one cup a day, he says two, if I drink two, he says three....UGH!

  2. Now apparently we have to be careful where the green tea is from! Stay away from the stuff from China. Why is nothing ever just easy? :(


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