Friday, April 20, 2012

I'm Ever Thankful for Greens!

I still marvel every day at the effect of these greens products! Honestly! It's been amazing. 

I was a little disheartened after that colonoscopy and it seemed that I'd sunk back into my pre-greens life even though I was still taking greens. And then slowly, a week later, I could feel my energy returning and I was just hoping ... hoping ... that I could get back to how I felt through all of March ... trying not to get too hopeful. Then, just as things were improving, early this week I had some kind of stomach thing happening. I lost my appetite, felt crappy and unsettled, and didn't dare put anything but toast, banana, and egg on my sensitive stomach. So no greens for three days. I could hardly drag myself out of bed and then getting through the days was tough, too.  On Wednesday morning my stomach felt more settled so I dared to chug down a dose of greens. Two hours later I noticed I was feeling actually pretty good. Not too tired. And it got better from there.  Was it the greens. I can't say for sure. Maybe it was just timing. But I think it was the greens.

In addition, I've gone a whole week without a decent sleep. That's longer than usual for me. The fact that I've felt good the past couple of days despite not getting even near adequate sleep, is freaking crazy!  I can hardly believe it!  What if I'd been getting good sleep?  How would I feel then?  WOW!  

Another unexepected bonus from greens is that I no longer feel I need a diet coke in the afternoons to get through the day. I've hated relying on pop and the caffeine in it to get me through my day but since I don't drink coffee, it's the ony think I've known (until I discovered greens) that helps me keep my eyes open in the afternoon. When I'm tired and need to stay awake, it's been what I've reached for.  Since I've started greens, I hardly ever think of coke. I don't need it. That a big bonus in my world. 

So, yes, I'm feeling good again and I hope I can get some good sleep in this weekend and maybe feel even BETTER!

I've included here a few more truisms from Xeni. Love that pinata metaphor. I can't help but visualize it. Xeni nails it!
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