Monday, November 19, 2012

Now. Where Was I? Oh, Yeah ... QUILTS!

I haven't made much quilting progress lately. I would love nothing more than a week at home alone to just sew and sew and sew. I've been experiencing some "life interuptus" and now it's time to get back to doing what I want to do, which is SEW.

This mess of reds, greys, blacks, and creams will be a completed quilt top this week ... I hope. I got all 21 strips sewn and these are them overlapped in order on the dining room table.  Now I need to spend time pressing all the seams open followed by sewing all the strips together. And then the top will be done unless I decide it needs to be bigger, which would mean some borders. I'll worry about that later.  This pattern is called, I think, a "plus quilt" because it's a bunch of interlocking plus signs. I've been wanting to make one for some time.

Kevin and I went to Vancouver last week for 5 days to see Hannah and to get out of Saskatoon for a bit. We had both been very busy with work and a little vacation was required.

We stayed on the top floor of the Sutton Hotel in downtown Vancouver and it was a wonderful luxury.
We had lots of time with Hannah, Matt, and some of their friends. We shopped a lot and ate at some fabulous restaurants.

Matt, Hannah, and Leah cooked for us one night and we attended an art opening. We tried to go to the new James Bond movie across the street from our hotel but no luck. It was sold out.

I haven't posted for so long so I'm including a couple of extra photos from October. Here is the sad deconstruction of the Traffic Bridge (aka: the Victoria Bridge, the Iron Bridge, the Skinny Bridge).  I'm sad to see it go. I'm all for it being reincarnated in a simiilar style but as a pedestrian/bicycle bridge.  I know others would like to see it used for vehicles again but I'd prefer not.

I took part in the C95 Radio Marathon for breast cancer research again this year. I get better every year at not crying. I only cried a little bit this time, though I know my voice was pinched almost the whole time because I was trying hard not to cry.  This is me with Rob and Shauna. They are such genuinely nice people ... and I'm not just saying that just because they noticed how much thicker my hair is now than last year (which isn't saying much). I really don't know how THEY hold it together for the duration of the marathon. I'll bet they need a holiday after it's over.  There are so many other people that make the event happen and they do such a fantastic job. I will always remember how kind, caring, and encouraging Lisa was the first time I was on the radio marathon only a few weeks after my last chemo. RIP Lisa.

And this is a little bouquet that Sylvia gave me. So sweet!
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  1. Glad you got a little vacation, and kudos' for doing the radio marathon!

  2. Welcome back. Family time Is the best ( I have been doing that too) and I have some of those little + pieces cut and waiting. It will take some time to decide their order before I can put them together.

  3. The quilt looks great!!

    I didn't know you were part of the marathon! I don't usually listen as I tend to get too emotional and can't stop thinking about how lucky my mother is. However, I was at the Blades game where they wore those sweaters… I think the socks were even better. :-)


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