Sunday, January 23, 2011

I Won A Prize!!

No, I didn't do anything special. It's not that I have a special talent or skill that earned a prize. I simply entered a draw for a giveaway on Rita's Red Pepper Quilts blog. I like to look at pretty quilts, find some good quilting tutorials, ogle beautiful fabric, learn quilting tips and techniques ... to put into practice some day ... some day soon(?). If you, too, like beautiful quilts, check out Red Pepper Quilts.

Rita gave away a $50 gift certificate provided by Dennis of Fashionable Fabrics. It's a lovely online fabric shop. And I was the lucky winner! I'm so excited!! I ordered a bunch of fabric IMMEDIATELY!! More than $50 worth, by the way. It was just too hard to choose and there are so many nice fabrics and, as a bit of a beginner at this, I don't have a big "stash" of quilting fabrics to inspire me. I took advantage of some sale fabric and some remnants. Now I'll have a little stash at least. And how very wonderful to shop and order fabric from the comfort of your sofa!

I'm tickled pink. I'll post photos of what I got when I get it.


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