Monday, February 21, 2011

AHA Moment!

I wonder if Berny will get suspicious if I book her for a Norwex party once a month?

I really, REALLY dislike cleaning my oven, mostly because of the toxic oven cleaning products. But Berny brought Norwex non-toxic oven cleaning stuff AND cleaned my oven with it! Well, the oven door, which was the worst part of it anyway. Look ... no mask and no rubber gloves. NO CHEMICALS!! And it WORKED!

Then she scrubbed my sink, which I had left uncleaned, as requested.

I was very impressed with the Norwex products and the peace of mind it will bring to be further reducing our chemical exposure.

Thanks to those who came for the party and thanks, Berny, for introducing the product to me (it seems I'm one of the few who didn't already know about it) and for demonstrating everything. And for cleaning my oven and sink and for sweeping up the dustbunnies from under my sofa. Can you come by again next month? Have you ever demoed a bathroom?

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  1. I'm glad your Norwex party went well and that you got parts of your house cleaned, Heather. It is great to see Berny out and "enjoying" herself.

    I just have to make this comment because of other photos taken in your kitchen. There has GOT to be a story behind the way your upper cabinets are 'finished'.

  2. Action photos! lol Sure I can come again next month - ;) you must have a few more friends that still need to learn about Norwex haha.

    I forgot to write my message on the cabinets so I have to come back and do that anyway right?


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