Tuesday, February 22, 2011

University of Saskatchewan Campus In Winter

It was so pretty today. When I was out at lunch time it was snowing quite heavily and it didn't get sunny until quite late in the afternoon. Here's the view over the Edwards School of Business and on the way to Arts.

On the walk to my car after work ... in the brisk cold and bright sunshine, across the sparkly barrens of my route ... the smell of winter reminded me of walking from the school in White Bear across the open space to the rink with our skates slung over our shoulders. It was the kind of day when some kid somewhere must have been getting his tongue stuck on some frosty metal surface. The smell of snow. I don't usually notice it but today, with the sun on it and with the feel of the air so brisk and crisp, it smelled like being a kid again in winter.

I need to go skating.



  1. That is the Law Building Lady. Sniff, Sniff, how could you forget that its where I live...


  2. Why, yes, now that you mention it, I do see that the College of Law is there to the right of the Edwards School of Business. No disregard to you, Norma, my favourite lawyer. You know that despite my love of you and a few other fine people who happen to be lawyers and for the excellent law librarians at the College of Law, I mostly have horrendous memories of lawyers --- all male lawyers, by chance --- who should, at the very least, be disbarred. I worked with those bastards. It has left me no love for the profession and so, forgive me for becoming blind to the law building. I hope you're the force that can help change the profession from the inside.


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