Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Remember Me? You Didn't Miss Much

I took a little holiday from blogging. I didn't have much to tell and I was feeling a little disheartened. I'll explain. There's a happy ending.

Not this past weekend but the weekend before, if you recall, I was feeling quite wasted and I was too tired on Saturday night to meet with my Splurge Club. A sure sign that I'm not feeling so good. I had a pretty quiet weekend. My main activity was helping Kevin put together the gadzillion pieces that made up our new tv stand. I was a little surprised when we opened the box to see so many pieces and a really BIG manual. As you can see, we finished it. It looks a little better than the red milk crates, don't you think?

My feeling wasted that weekend was explained by my sore throat on Monday. By Tuesday it was a sore throat and a sore left neck gland ... along with general over-fatigue. While the worst of the sore gland only lasted a day (I stayed home one day to sleep and try to prevent a cold from taking hold), I pretty much felt super tired all week. I had trouble getting through the days ... keeping my eyes open. I was feeling a bit of panic for having accepted Carol's invitation to the Persephone play on Wednesday night but it wasn't too long and I was able to enjoy it. In fact, I REALLY enjoyed it! It was such a good play. Everything about it was good ... the cast, the story, the humour, the set, the lighting, the music. Thursday night I told Kevin that I might have to cancel our weekend plans because I was feeling so crappy. And then, on Friday, I didn't feel so bad. Hmmmm ... So I went to the card party on Friday night. I had a great time and felt just fine. On Saturday we went to the Hole in the Wall restaurant wayyyyyy out in the boonies to celebrate a friend's 50th birthday. It was a lovely evening and again, I felt just fine. Good, in fact. I did get lots of sleep on the weekend which I probably needed but I usually get lots of sleep most weekends but still feel too tired during the week.

What I'm most happy to report is that even though the weather is the worst ... man, it's COLD ... I feel better than I've felt since ... maybe ... November. Did I feel this good in November? Maybe not. Maybe I haven't felt this good in a few years. Maybe. My memory doesn't serve. Both yesterday and today I didn't struggle to get out of bed in the morning ... well, at least not any more than many people. I've been able to keep my eyes open all day at work and I haven't felt wasted when I get home in the evening either!! For me, this is very exciting! VERY exciting! Feeling like this makes me almost forget the awful stuff that has been foremost in my mind for two years now. It isn't until just before bed when I remember that I have to take my Tamoxifen and I'm reminded. It feels sooooooo good to not think about breast cancer ALL ... THE ... FRIGGIN' ... TIME!!!

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  1. Heather-I am pleased you are feeling well.

    You DO have a fine TV stand, which I like particularly because it is surrounded by bookshelves full of books. That is my absolute favourite type of room. I could spend hours in that room, browsing. On that topic, give these few books a try. "The Forgotten Garden" by Kate Morton is long but an easy read about a family mystery spanning three generations. (The author uses sentence fragments which bothered me to begin with, but which did not interrupt the flow of the read, so I got used to the technique, I will call it.) For something entirely different, have you read "The Professor and the Madman" by Simon Winchester. It is about the development of the first Oxford dictionary.

    I have also recorded my library and books read on LibraryThing. I found it to be quite an enjoyable, rewarding task.


  2. Hi Cheryl!

    How nice to hear from you and yes, I, too am most at home in a room full of books. It was always my dream to have a home library ... walls of books ... and while my library is on the small side and would be bigger if I had room for more shelves, it does make me happy.

    Thanks so much for the book recommendation. I randomly picked up some books recently (having NOT done any proper research - just winged it) and I picked some real duds. I'm reading one now, though, that is holding my attention. I'm barely into it and when I remember the title and author, I'll say what it is. It's by the same person who wrote "Fingersmith", which I enjoyed.

    I have "The Professor and the Madman" in my own collection. It's one I often recommend to others as I thoroughly enjoyed it (I'm a bit of an OED nut ... ever since library school). It's a fascinating story, I think.

    Thanks for recommending "The Forgotten Garden". The title sounds familiar, though I could be mistaken. I'll look for the book. I don't have anything on my radar after the one I'm reading now so I'm grateful for a pointer.

    I'll seek out your Library Thing Library. I LOVE browsing libraries. Naturally.

    How have you been? Have you escaped the cold this winter?


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