Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Happiness By Post

Look what I picked up at the Post Office after work today! I could hardly contain myself until I got home to open the package. I knew it was fabric. Seeing it online and seeing it in captivity are two totally different experiences ... the latter being the most wonderful, of course!

First, I got this red and white dot fabric from the Farm Fresh fabric line ... the same as I made the two baby quilts with. I might use it for binding. I might not. We'll see. If I don't, a red dot is a good staple to have and it will certainly be put to good use sometime.

The next pile of goodies is called Ready Set Go designed by Anne Kelle. It's an organic line manufactured by Kaufman Fabrics. A nice mix of brights for some future kiddie quilts.

And then my personal favourite. Hometown by Sweetwater. The thing is, I had no idea I would love these fabrics as much as I do until I saw them for real. And touched them! They are superb! They are such a lovely quality! Very, very soft. Nice drape - they would make fine cotton clothing. Warm, slightly aged colours. And they have a rich sheen to them, too. I love them so much more than I expected to! How's that for a happy surprise?!

And ... bonus ... little old Saskatoon is right there on the fabric. Can you see it? (Hint: Look near the Number 3). And several other Canadian cities are here, too. Thank you, Sweetwater, for not including ONLY American cities. Thank you very much!

I don't know what I'm going to make with Hometown but I want it to be something I especially love. I think it will have to sit on a shelf for a while ... at least until I get a new machine. And if it's going to have to sit, I'd better get to it and buy some yardage of whatever I think I'll want to use for a quilt back and binding before the line is obsolete.

I should also say that purchasing online from the Fat Quarter Shop was an all round good experience. Quick. Easy. And everything came nicely cut and packaged. 

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  2. I love that red fabric and I agree, shopping at the FQ shop is great. I am off there now to look at the Hometown fabric, some of the ones you show look lovely.


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