Thursday, September 1, 2011

Morphine Promotes ER+/PR+ And ER-/PR- Breast Cancer Cell Migration

So much for my fond memories and continued yearning for morphine. The rheumatologist I saw this summer recommended a drug from the morphine family that might improve the joint problems I'm still experiencing. Mostly I had been thinking, "Nah ... I can live with this". But every now and then I have a day or an evening when my joints really hurt and I have to resort to more than my usual Frankenwalking, and my fingers and hands and the bottoms of my feet really hurt. And then I think, "Maybe I will call the Doctor and get a prescription for that morphine type drug." I haven't fallen through but this pretty much deters me. Thanks. Thanks a lot research for taking away at least my imaginary drug of last resort.

Morphine Promotes ER+/PR+ And ER-/PR- Breast Cancer Cell Migration - Food for Breast Cancer:
"A new study has reported that morphine promotes breast cancer cell migration despite the lack of morphine receptors in such cells. Pain medication given after surgery in general and opioids in particular have been reported to influence risk of metastasis after primary cancer surgery.
Read more at the above link.

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