Monday, September 12, 2011

HOT Weekend!

At times this weekend it was too hot to paint. Most of the painting happened in the afternoon after football games. It was great to see the Riders win another one. GO RIDERS!

The back of the house, one whole side and half of the other side are finished. Next year we'll do the front and the other half of the one side.

This is the first year since we lived on Albert Avenue (22 years ago) that we've had an abundance of my favourite flowers in the garden. Sweetpeas. Love em!

We had dinner out with friends this weekend and stopped in briefly since we were in the neighbourhood for Kayla's stagette. It was so nice to see all the girls and, again, I wished Hannah could be here for the pre-wedding fun.

Darrel was very happy to finish harvest. And it was a good one. Yippee!! I wish we'd been able to get to the farm during harvest, but not this year.

Of course, the weekend couldn't be all fun and games, could it? Oh no. More about that later.
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