Friday, May 13, 2011

Lynn Update via Kathy

Here's what Kathy has reported about Lynn's surgery today ...
Mom is out of surgery. They removed the lump and her appendix as well as doing a complete hysterectomy (uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries). The frozen section of the lump they sent for testing during the surgery was nearly all dead so they weren't able to determine if it was cancer or not so they took some of the surrounding lymph nodes as well so that everything could be tested.

Mom didn't lose too much blood during the surgery so she didn't need a transfusion and the doctor said her recovery is starting off as good as could be hoped for. We are so thankful for this! She should be out of the recovery room in about another hour and a half and we'll be able to see her as soon as they get her to her ward.

Warning: moving into the gritty details.

The lump grew from inside one of Mom's ovaries. The ovary twisted on its stem (pedestal), causing the cut off of blood flow to the tumor, effectively killing at least most of the tissue of the tumor. This is what caused all the pain. The tumor still grew by taking on fluid and becoming inflamed which caused the surrounding tissue to adhere to the tumor. The attachment to the appendix is why the doctors removed it as well. The doctor who did the surgery told us that the outcome was good and that the surgery was as successful as it could be.

Thank you for all your thoughts, prayers, and positive energy. We really appreciate it. I'll send out another email when we have more to report.

Peace and hugs to you all and I know that Mom would say a big "Thank you!" as well.



  1. sending such good thoughts and prayers to you. hugs and all good things.

  2. Thank you for the update, Kathy. I have thought about Lynn many times today especially. Every thought is a wee prayer.


  3. Thanks Kathy for letting us know about Lynn. We will keep her in our prayers for a speedy recovery and that the biopsy comes back negative.
    Love and Hugs to all of you
    Dave and Debbie

  4. Thanks, Mary, Cheryl, Dave, and Debbie! I forwarded your comments to Lynn. She's very grateful for your thoughts and prayers. Kathy says she's been needing hugs. I know that virtual hugs count for a lot, so thanks for sending love and care her way!


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