Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mom and Lynn News

Finally. They have a diagnosis for Mom. It's not a heart issue. It's a brain issue. Instead of going into a bunch of Mom brain jokes right now, I'll tell you about her diagnosis. They called it "Partial Complex Seizures". As soon as I got home I looked it up. If you want to know more about it, follow the above link where the description of the seizures sounds very much like what Mom has been experiencing.

Only twenty minutes before the resident neurologist came in to tell Mom what they'd found, another medical person told her that they would probably be sending her home today because nothing seems to be wrong with her. He said she was too healthy to be in the hospital. Hmmmm ...  That had Mom a little worried because the "spells" she's been having are very real and very scary. I don't think Mom has been told the results of her second CT Scan but it was the EEG she had done yesterday that identified this place in her brain from which the seizures originate.

Apparently the treatment is a simple Dilantin prescription and they'll start her on that tomorrow. It's an anti-seizure medication. They still want Mom to have an MRI and hopefully that will happen tomorrow. I didn't talk to any doctors myself and the head neurologist working with Mom hadn't stopped by yet today. We have lots of questions still so hopefully Mom will be told more about her condition soon and will have some of her questions answered.

Mom finally got moved to a real hospital room yesterday! YEAH! She has a much more comfortable bed, a little more space, a little more privacy, better meals, and she was able to have a shower and put on a clean hospital gown. Of course, Mom being Mom, she's probably missing the hub of activity and chatter from the Emergency department. Mom even thinks she might be able to get out tomorrow. We'll see.

Now ... on to Lynn. She's out of the hospital! Here's what she wrote in an email yesterday ...
I'm out of the hospital! Kathy came and picked me up on her way to work this morning - she was a couple hours late for work! It's great to have a personal assistant. I wish I could keep her!

As soon as possible, I'll be going to the farm to recuperate. Dad and Mom have volunteered to come to the farm and help us out for as long as we need them.

The cards, e-mails and phone calls keep coming. Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers for all of us. The support has been overwhelming.

Love to all of you. Lynn
Thanks, everyone, for your care and prayers for both Lynn and Mom!

And, oh, the yellow flowers in the photo are growing in abundance in front of the Diefenbaker Canada Centre building where I work on campus.  Aren't they pretty?
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