Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New Fabric! I'm In My Happy Place!

What arrived in the mail yesterday is the purple "sleeping beauty" fabric from the Far Far Away II line by designer, Heather Ross. I've been longing for some Heather Ross fabric for a long time and by now it's pretty hard to come by. I finally bit the bullet and ordered some pieces and this is the only one that's come so far. It's so pretty! It has such a nice feel to it, too. It's a little heavier than the usual quilting cottons and is a cotton/linen blend, which also gives the colours a rich, earthy tone to them.

So, as soon as I got it, I started pulling other fabrics from my stash to see what might coordinate with it. Lots of things work with it!

Now ... confession of my rash stupidity. On Friday ... feeling tired and blue and disappointed that my new fabric was taking so long to arrive ... I stopped by Periwinkle (the quilting store in Grosvenor). Just to look, mind you. Maybe pick up a fat quarter to treat myself. Recently I've been captivated orange and pink together and there were so many lovely options there that I ended up buying more fabric than I intended. Oops. And then I felt a little stupid because I should have waited until my new fabric came in the mail so I could properly choose coordinating pieces. Stupid as I was, I don't think I could have chosen any better if I'd had the sleeping beauty fabric with me! Every single piece (all those little fat quarters with the white paper bands around them) that I bought matches beautifully! Sweet serendipity!

I can't wait until the other Heather Ross fabrics arrive! I want to make a large quilt and then some smaller baby and kids quilts. Or a lap quilt. I LOVE this fabric!
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  1. Hi Auntie Heather! Getting back to you about festival times. I sing @ 1:45 p.m. ans 6:45 in room 1036 of the education building. Mikael sings @ 7:00 p.m. and 8:00 at confocation hall. Mom likes her b-day blog :) She says thank -you. Can I have one on my b-day? Hope to see you tomorrow! LOve Alexa


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