Monday, May 16, 2011

Red Shoes in Hospital Parking Lot

Time for an update on Lynn and now Mom, too.

First, Lynn's healing is progressing nicely. Did you know that thing they removed from her abdomen was 7x8 inches big?! ACK!! Good that it's gone! Lynn's epidural was removed today and I think the IV from her arm was removed as well. She's feeling a little more free and has been walking regularly. She's determined to get out of the hospital earlier than expected. I understand she felt a little nausea today that, I think, was passing as the day progressed.

Now ... on to Mom! Surprise! She's in the hospital, too. She's at RUH (University Hospital) and Lynn is at City.

Mom came up to the city to be here for Lynn's surgery and planned on staying until today because she had a CT scan scheduled as well as an appointment with the neurologist she saw a couple of weeks ago for some "spells" she'd been having. Well, I witnessed a couple of those "spells"... which present like mini-strokes (they come on suddenly, she can't talk, she goes limp but doesn't seem unconscious, clammy, pale - and they last less than 5 minutes) ... and decided it was best not to wait for an appointment and I took her to Emergency last night. They kept her in and she'll be in for a while undergoing tests. What a relief! She's feeling otherwise good and the CT scan she had this morning didn't indicate any problems there. They're going to run an MRI tomorrow or the next day. The Neurologist who saw Mom today thinks the problem stems from her heart so there will be heart tests as well as tests to check the veins in her neck and brain. Mom is genetically predisposed to heart and stroke concerns so I'm very glad she's in the hospital and getting thoroughly checked. Hopefully the doctors can figure out the problem and will be able to do something to prevent further "spells". I think Mom is relieved, too. These little episodes can only have been frightening for her. Typical Mom, though, in that she wouldn't have wanted any of us to be scared so she might have downplayed things a bit initially.

Mom was able to do quite a bit of knitting today between doctor's visits and medical tests. Generally her health has been proclaimed very good, which is good news, and when she's not having one of those little attacks she feels very good.

And there you have it. No dull moments. I think I like dull moments.
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