Sunday, May 8, 2011

Multiple Celebrations Tonight

Sylvia hosted an event tonight. There was much to celebrate. Because Cheryl's birthday falls during music festival every year, her actual birthday celebration takes place a week later, which also happens to be Mikael's birthday.

Here are the birthday celebrants, Mikael his Mom. Mikael and Cheryl will be going to the provincial music festival in Moose Jaw in a few weeks. Mikael will be competing in voice.

Alexa and her Mom are wearing orchid corsages that Marion so kindy brought for all the Moms and Alexa. Alexa had a very successful music festival this year, too, both competing in voice competitions. Both she and Mikael won scholarship awards.

This is Cheryl with her two Moms, Sylvia and Marion.

We had a delicious meal, much frivolity, and abundant gift opening and it was a special treat to have Uncle Reg with us.

Darrel came into the city today and he, Lynn, Max (their dog), Kevin and I ran some errands, stopped for lunch at Tastebuds on Lorne Avenue, did a little yardwork and then played a few hands of cards. I had a nice talk on the phone with my Mom and I was glad to hear that Gary was taking her out for dinner.

Hannah and Luke both phoned, which makes my heart burst with happiness, of course. Luke went to the Kentucky Derby yesterday and said it was a real blast! When in Kentucky ... We watched on tv but couldn't see him. I probably couldn't see his face for his fancy hat. Ha! He's glad to be done exams and his third year of University. All's good. Tomorrow he flies to Victoria to try out for a Junior A box lacrosse team. It's his last year of eligibility to play Junior A so it's now or never. He'd regret it if he didn't give it a shot. Hannah was having a nice day with Matt and she'll work tonight at Aphrodite's (the organic restaurant she works at). She's been working a lot. She and Matt are hoping to sock away enough money to go to Uruguay in the fall. I thanked my kids for making me such a lucky Mom.

Kevin took me to Calories for dinner on Friday for Mother's Day and he made me breakfast this morning. I'm pretty spoiled.

And now I'm spent. It was a very nice Mother's Day.

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