Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The University of New Brunswick

A short walk uphill from downtown Fredericton is the University of New Brunswick. It's a very attractive and hilly campus. Lots of red brick, which reminds me of some of the campuses we saw in the eastern United States in March - the University of Maryland and some of the Harvard buildings. Red brick seems to be more common in the east. The grounds are nicely cared for.

I didn't take many pictures on campus, mostly because I was usually focused on finding my way around and climbing hills. It's so hilly, in fact, that a taxi driver told us that they're often called by students who just want rides up the hill! This does not surprise me! It's pretty hilly!

The hotel we stayed at is out by a big mall and some big box stores. You can walk straight down the street all the way to the riverbank downtown. It's very steep, though. I had to even be watchful for loose gravel on the sidewalk when walking down the hill. Only once did I make the full climb back to our hotel. I probably would have walked it more often if it hadn't been so windy on a couple of the days.

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