Monday, June 13, 2011

A Dutiful Husband and Some Bad Timing

For the most part, I had a very fun weekend. I hosted my splurge pals at our house and it was lots of fun. Kevin and I got together with friends we hadn't seen for a long time on Saturday night. It had been a REALLY long time. In fact, other than my splurge pals, colleagues and next door neighbours, I haven't seen any friends since before we went to New York in March. Long overdue. We've been so busy with family stuff and work.

Early Sunday morning, though ... say, about 6:00 ... I got out of bed to get some Tylenol. Not because I'd had too much to drink (I was the designated driver and I don't drink much anymore anyway because drinking increases my risk for more breast cancer) but because I'd been laying in bed semi-conscious contemplating the increasing soreness of my ears and throat. I felt a bit feverish (nope, not a hot flash) and had a headache ... typical with an ears and throat issue. I finally bit the bullet and rose out of bed only to find upon standing that my stomach felt a little sick. I started to hobble. Quickly. Then more quickly. And then I was hobble-running but not fast enough. I was SO SICK to my stomach ... right inside the door of our bedroom. I won't go into the gory details but it was the grossest thing! And then, since it was in the doorway, I had to trod through the mess, leaving a nasty trail, to get to the bathroom to continue woofing! Poor Kevin! What a trooper! It's not the kind of thing you want your spouse to have to help you with, but he did help with the worst of it. Ewwww! The clean-up was a great deal of work. Beats me how I managed to spray the wall 5 feet behind me! There were shoes to clean, the chair beside the door and the clothes draped on it ... the rugs in the bathroom, walls, door, door frames, the armoire ... floors. Lots of wiping and washing. I'm so glad we have throw rugs and not wall to wall carpet!

I slept on the sofa in the family room after that, bucket close by because my stomach still felt a little wobbly. All day Sunday was spent on the couch. I wasn't sick again but my cold got worse.

The bad timing part came in this morning when, of all days, the movers were coming to crate my library and move all the books and shelving out of the space so that the flooring can be replaced. I absolutely had to be there to supervise. Keeping one's library books in call number order during a move is critical and it's a good thing I was there because the movers didn't really understand that part. I didn't expect them to. They're not librarians after all. They did a great job, though, and despite feeling lousy, I stuck it out for the day and we got most of the library moved. The rest of the move should be finished by tomorrow at noon. And then I can relax until we have to move it all back. Still, I would otherwise have stayed home today rather than feel that crappy at work while exposing my colleagues to this flu/cold that I have. Tonight Kevin commented that his throat is starting to hurt. I hope it doesn't develop. We leave on Friday to see our kids in Vancouver and Victoria and we both want to feel great, of course.

When I got home from work today, I toured the garden since I missed the chance to do any gardening yesterday. Kevin did quite a bit. Weeding is the big thing right now. The photo above is of one of my favourite flowers - heliotrope. It is so fragrant! This year I planted it very near our back door so that the scent will waft through the screen during warm evenings. And it does! I love it!

And then I watched the hockey game. I was so upset after that horrible hit right near the beginning of the game, I could hardly think of anything else. I know that family of the Vancouver player who got hit ... I can't remember his name ... will have been horrified and must be so scared for him. It looked awful. I couldn't believe they skated him off the ice instead of bracing and boarding him right away! I haven't heard how he is but I hope it's not as bad as I imagined based on the instant replays. I think that hit threw the Canucks right off their game. Now I want them to win all the more.
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