Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Heather Ross Gift

A gift package of gorgeous fabrics arrived in my mailbox in May ... during our family crazy time with health scares, travel, anxiety, and such.

Today I finally had time to lay the fabrics out, touch each one, and admire them! They're SO lovely! They are bits and pieces ... scraps ... of Heather Ross fabrics, Heather Ross being the fabric designer. Some of them are ones I've never even seen before! Like the purple yoga fabric, the elephant family, the roller skates, the green tennis and the wedding designs. Marvelous! I hope to use some of these in a wedding quilt and some in some scrap quilts for kids for kids or grownups. There are lovely mermaids, a unicorn, a teeny little gnome (so cute), pups, kids playing with farm toys, camper vans, a circus scene, birdcages, frogs on lily pads, sea creatures, snails, and more. I'm beyond thrilled! (Click on the photo to see a bigger image.)

Some of these fabrics are only available through Spoonflower and even then they might be out of print by now. Spoonflower, for the unitiated, is a wonderful site to explore for anyone who loves fabric and design. On Spoonflower, anyone can create a design and have fabric made from it. You can buy fabric designed by other people. You can word search for types of fabric. For instance, if you're looking for fabric with fish on it, just search "fish" and there you go! Some possibilities. And you can order any given design in various types and weights of fabric. Very cool. I love Spoonflower, though I've not yet ordered any fabric from them and nor have I created any designs of my own and am not likely to anytime soon. Then again, it's nice to know that if you just can't find what you're looking for, you can easily have it made.

For these lovely Heather Ross fabrics, I must thank Kristy (who blogs about quilting at 107 Quilts). Kristy was generously giving away some of her scrap collection (to make space for their home renovation project) and I was a lucky winner of some of her castoffs. She makes amazing quilts - just check out her blog.

I can't wait to mix and match these fabric scraps with some of the other fabric I have. Maybe tomorrow I can play a little.
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