Saturday, June 11, 2011

More Fabric Acquisitions

These are my most recent Heather Ross fabric purchases. These fabrics are hard to get now so I was happy to find what I could. My bad luck to imagine a quilt with these fabrics AFTER they were mostly off the market. I have a quilt in mind for someone in particular. I'll need to mix some other fabrics in with them and maybe leave some out of the mix, but I think there's real potential to make a beautiful quilt with these.

These fabrics are Echino (click on "next page" to see the fabric line my fabrics are from) by Etsuko Furuya and are a heavier weight than most quilting cottons, just like the Heather Ross fabrics above. Both these and the Heather Ross fabrics are manufactured in Japan by Kokka, who distributes in the United States through Seven Islands Fabric. These bits of Echino were in the sale bin of Pink Panda Fabrics, an online quilt shop that is shut down for the summer, so I snagged them while they were within my price range. Sorry that the orange helicopters are arranged upside down in the photo. There are so many other nice designs in this line. I'll be keeping my eyes open for some other bargain bin finds.

These solids I won in a contest hosted by Shruti at her blog, 13 Woodhouse Road, and sponsored by The Fat Quarter Shop (an online store). The contest featured Bella Solids, a line of quilting cottons in solid colours. I've found it hard to get high quality solid coloured quilting fabric in Saskatoon so ordering online is the only option. What I need now is a "swatch card" to help me select colours. Here's a link to the Kona Color Card ... Kona being a competing line of high quality quilting cottons in solid colors. I haven't tried them either. The Bella solids have a lovely feel to them. The colours in my photo, taken indoors with flash, aren't true. For instance, that one in the middle is really like a true "Rider green". They look nicer in real and will be good to have for mixing in with prints.

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  1. All your fabrics are fabulous! I really envy your Heather Ross! The ones that made to Australia were SO expensive, I couldn't really justify the cost. Look forward to seeing what you make!

  2. ooh...I love new stash acquisitions! And you have some lovely ones!


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