Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lacrosse in Victoria

Our last night in Victoria we watched Luke's team, the Shamrocks, play the Salmonbellies, to whom they lost. While we wish the outcome had been different, we were happy to get the opportunity to see Tom Newton and Regan Harding from Saskatoon play with the Salmonbellies. We're not used to them being on the opposing team. We talked to them for a while after the game. Both are looking great and appear to be doing very well.

Luke is Number 26 (green) in the photo. I tried to get photos of Tom and Regan but didn't manage to get anything worth posting. It's hard to get good lacrosse photos in arenas with my little point and shoot. Lighting, plexiglass, and the speed make it hard to get a good shot.

After the game, we met up with the other parents (of Bellarmine boys) for dinner at a local pub. We saw the Karen and Barry Kelly (Liam's parents), Lori and Kerry Leung (Karsen's parents), and Darlene and Randy Wong (Jordan's parents). Austin Powell, a Bellarmine teammate from Temecula, California, also joined us. He had never played box lacrosse before and I think he's really enjoying it. It's a real loss to the Shamrocks that Karsen has a sprained ankle and won't be playing for at least another couple of weeks. Barry had just had elbow surgery and this was his first outing. Good thing for drugs is all I can say. Without them I believe he still would have been in too much pain to join us. The Victoria families have been very helpful in getting Luke set up in Victoria. We can't thank them enough and hope we have the opportunity sometime to return the favour.
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