Thursday, October 20, 2011

The C95 Radio Marathon ...

... raises money for breast cancer research (right here in Saskatchewan) in memory of Lisa Rendall and everyone impacted by breast cancer ... which is a WHOLE LOT OF PEOPLE!

Two years ago I was asked to participate in the radio marathon and that's where I met Lisa for the first time.  I sent Lisa a copy of the photo I had of us and the other C95 people together and after that, every now and then, I would get an email from Lisa asking how I was doing. She was so thoughtful and generous with her time. I would check in on her regularly and comment on her blog or just send a short email. I was sad for her when her cancer came back and then beat her. If a good attitude and a fighting spirit was all it took to beat cancer, Lisa would still be here.

Two years ago when I went to the Centre mall to take part in the radio marathon, I was very nervous. I had already started crying while I drove down 8th street which made me all the more nervous because if I get to blubbering, sometimes I can't even talk. Not good radio material. Anyway, the c95 people were very sensitive and so good and even though I cried through most of the interview, I was still able to talk.  At the time I had only finished my last chemo 3 weeks prior and I could hardly walk from the edema (swelling) I was suffering and from what I would later learn was a bad side effect from the Arimidex, which made my joints, muscles, and tendons want to seize up. Getting to the radio marathon was a physical struggle at that time and pretty much did me in that day.

Today all those feelings came rushing back as I drove to the Centre mall and talked to the staff and the social worker (from the Cancer Centre) before it was time for me to hang out with Rob and Shauna who do an amazing job of holding themselves together even while I'm blubbering and while they're remembering Lisa who only died from her breast cancer in spring of this year.

Please consider sending in a donation.  Here's the link to donate online:

To donate by Phone:
Regina and area, please all 306-791-2763
Saskatoon and area, please call 306-655-0698

To donate by cheque, please mail to:
Saskatchewan Cancer Agency
204-3775 Pasqua Street
Regina, SK S4S 6W8

If you are making a donation in memory of a loved one, please include the acknowledgement information with your cheque.

A tax receipt will be issued for gifts of $20 or more.

The photo is of me with Rob, Sheri (the producer), and Shauna of the Rob and Shauna Show on C95.

See my photo two years ago (with Lisa Rendall and Ramblin' Dave, too) here. I remember looking like that ... all puffy and hardly able to walk ... not a good memory. Not good at all.



  1. Every year, I am continually amazed and inspired by the strength and courage of the women who are interviewed at the Radio Marathon. They truly put things in perspective. I was fortunate to hear your interview this year - you always do such a fantastic job!! I am proud to say that I did donate to the Radio Marathon and hope that others did too for mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts and friends! Take care ;)


  2. P.S. I even reminded people to donate - see my Facebook status!!



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