Thursday, October 20, 2011

I Wish I Were Doing More Of This ...

... but I've been a little too busy.

It's Co-op Week so there have been lots of events and throw a few extra duties, appointments, and responsibilities into the mix and you've got a recipe for trouble.

I've felt off and on sick this week, too. Really weird. I got home around midnight after the Co-op Merit Awards in Regina on Monday and I felt good. The next day I felt like crap. I had chills off and on all day and prepared for things to go downhill. Then on Wednesday morning I felt pretty good and so I went with people from work to Melfort for the reception to launch the Building Communities Exhibit there. In the late afternoon I started to feel crappy again ... sore throat, sore ears, headache ... and again I prepared for the worst. When I got home just before midnight last night I took some Tylenol Cold (the night time ones) and went straight to bed. Lo and behold, I slept like a rock (which rarely happens these days) and woke up feeling pretty good this morning and not bad all day. I really hope I dodged a bullet. I'm taking more drugs tonight to ensure another good night's sleep, that being the answer I think. Tomorrow is the Saskatoon Co-op Network lunch and then Co-op Week is done for me.
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