Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hannah Was Home

Hannah was home for Kayla's wedding. Because we were in Vancouver to see her in June and because she'd been home for Josh and Noelene's wedding in April, she didn't come this summer. This is the first year she hasn't been home in the summer. I missed having her here. So I was especially excited to have her home for 5 days at the beginning of October. I took a couple of days off work to hang out with her ... loving every minute!

This is the table on the night she got home. She and Matt had been in New York for a couple of weeks (Matt had a show in a gallery there). It was less costly for her to fly back to Vancouver on a return flight and then fly here from there. She was only in Vancouver for about 5 hours before getting on the plane to come to Saskatoon. She was running on fumes on Friday night. "The girls" came by for drinks before going to see Kayla after the wedding rehearsal. Martinis were the order of the evening. The wedding was on October 1. That's how far behind I am in blogging.

If you check in regularly, you might have noticed my blog silence. It's because I've been so busy. And exhausted. Even if Hannah hadn't been here, I probably would have had to take at least one day off work. I was wasted. Between weddings and travel and health scares and hot flashes and leg cramps and company, I have to say I was totally wasted. How I got through any days of work last week, I don't know. Fumes. Running on fumes. I NEEDED this long weekend to sleep. And sleep I did. And rest.

It wasn't until Saturday that I decided I felt I had it in me to cook a Thanksgiving dinner so we invited a bunch over at the last minute and had a lovely evening. I tried a few new recipes to make it interesting and, of course, made the annual "stuffing balls" ... a family favourite. The highlight of the evening by far, though, was Kevin's Uncle Reg who told us about some of his World War II experiences and showed us some of the photos of himself and his crew from that time. He flew with the RCAF and has amazing stories ... stories I've never had the privilege of hearing. It was fascinating and I'm so grateful. It was an incredible gift just to be able to listen. Uncle Reg brought Kevin a book to read, in which Uncle Reg is included. It is "A Yorkshire Squadron: The History of 431 R.C.A.F. Squadron & More, 1942-1945", by W. E. Heron [Renfrew, ON : General Store Publishing House, 2009]. Here's a link to a bit about the book. Kevin has always been a war history nut ... we have a rather large collection of books on the topic ... so this was very special to Kev.

You can tell I've been a little overwhelmed with the amount of activity over the past while because I haven't even had it in me to pull my camera out of my purse! I've also realized that it's easier to blog every day than sporadically. Leaving several days between posts makes the idea a little overwhelming with so much having happened. So here I am ... in bits and pieces. Playing catch up with myself. Honest to God, my memory is so crappy still that I NEED to blog my life. For myself.

And ... oh ... I'm so sad for our Riders! I'm feeling their pain along with so many others.
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