Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Kayla and Mike. Married!

And what a beautiful and heartfelt wedding it was! Truly. The ceremony was really special, touching, honest, sincere. And the reception was relaxed with many interesting taste sensations and beautifully presented food. There were macarons on the dessert table. I've never seen a macaron in Saskatoon before and it just reminded me of how much I want to set aside some time to try making them. The recipe suggests they can be a bit tricky to make. The dance was a really good time!

Doesn't Kayla look beautiful?! Her dress was stunning and the bouquets and arrangements of succulents were beautiful, too. Mike looked classy and they both looked so calm and happy.

The bridesmaids. Elegant. That's Janie and Gillian. Not so many pregnant woman could pull of dresses like these so glamorously. Janie and her bump looked fabulous.

And it was great to have "the girls" all together. Taynah, Katelyn, Hannah, Kayla, Gillian, and Marissa.

Every bridesmaid needs should have a foot massage during the dance.

Here are some Moms. Marrissa's, Kayla's, Hannah's, and Gillians's. Kayla's Mom had such a gorgeous dress. I wish I had a good photo of Mike's Mom, too. She, too, had an amazing gown!

We danced. A lot. We got home quite late. Kevin definitely needed me to drive. We slept in. Happy, Happy event!
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