Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Ex

A break from painting. Kevin and I went to the Ex Saturday night with Kelly and Chantelle. We hadn't been for a long time and a lot has changed. Doukhobor bread was still there, though. And spudnuts. New to me was "taco in a bag". Kind of good. Lots of people.

Lots of crazy people. We didn't go on any rides but enjoyed walking around the midway. Lineups were really long for some of the rides.

We checked out the exhibits and the marketplace. The Shamwow and slap-chop guy wasn't there oddly enough. We tried out the vibrating exercise machine, the excerise ball/bike combo thing, and the electric back massager, which is a very popular item at the Ex. We tried on hats, admired purses, and Chantelle tested the amazing pillows, she being a bit of a pillow connoisseur.

We laughed at the hypnotist ... or moreso at the people who were hypnotized. We marveled at the guy who got shot out of a cannon. There were no photos allowed of the art and craft displays so I can't show you any photos of some of the beautiful quilts that were on display. We enjoyed the "History of the Exhibition" display. Lash La Rue! Ha!

The fireworks were pretty. And we had such a laugh at this abandoned and wrecked stuffed duck. The Ex isn't for everyone, you know.

And then we spent a substantial amount of time in traffic trying to escape the Ex. I can't believe the powers that be make it such a nightmare. There's surely a better way to manage traffic than that. Between Kelly's driving prowess and Kevin's knowledge of back lanes, we got out quicker than we would have otherwise.

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