Thursday, August 4, 2011

I Think We're Getting a Roundabout!

That's what this looks like, doesn't it? I think it's a great idea for this residential intersection at MacPherson and 9th. Over the past 20+ years that we've lived here, I can't begin to count the number of times we hear screeching tires and, sometimes, crunching metal ... all at this intersection. People speed down 9th to avoid 8th street and get to the freeway. People speed down MacPherson off the freeway via 8th to to access a rather large residential area. It's always been an accident waiting to happen, so to speak.

Over the years it's gone from an uncontrolled intersection to a yield sign going one direction. Then recently, they put a stop sign but not where the yield sign had been ... they put it for the other direction, which, of course makes it still a dangerous intersection. And now this. This is the best option yet, I think, though it's quite incredible to see how many drivers are going around the wrong side of the roundabout. Maybe when it stops looking like a road construction project, people will get it.
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