Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Little Freshening Up

There's no stopping now. We started painting the house. We. Haha. Okay, NOT "we". Kevin and Luke started painting the house. First the prep work, of course, with a power washer and the orbital sander. And then testing paint colours.

We wanted pretty much the same butter yellow we had before but it's not easy to match. What we've settled on is a more yellow butter. You can see the difference in the photo of the back of our eyebrowless house. It looks like it had chemo, too. Anyway, you can see that the back of the house is more yellowish. I hope Luke can get a lot of painting done in this last week at home.

I've been playing a mere supporting role. Resident meal maker, house cleaner, grocery shopper, paint-picker-upper, clothes washer, drink deliverer.

And here's a garden tour. I'm so happy to have sweetpeas. They're not yet abundant and, alarmingly, the fist blooms - the deep pink ones - didn'd have any scent! I was SO disappointed because, for me, the scent is the whole purpose of sweetpeas, never mind that they're also very pretty. I'm happy, though, that the other colours are scented.

At one time I counted FIVE bees on a single globe thistle flower at one time! It's always very popular with the bees, as is the ligularia (the tall spiky yellow flowers from a previous post).
Note the weeds among my strawberries. I have no shame.

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  1. butter yellow is such a yummy color for a house! I love your garden tour, just wonderful, I can almost smell the posies and taste the strawberries. Now don't be pulling those weeds by the strawberries too fast, they might pull your lovely berry plants up too! that's my story and I'm sticking with it!


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