Thursday, August 25, 2011

One Becomes Two

I had planned on using the Farm Fresh fabric I won to make a baby quilt. Emphasis on "a". If you've been following along, you know the issue I came up against. The instructions said make 4 stacks (strips) from the print fabric ... which I did ... but it turned out that there was just a little mistake in the instructions and I only needed 3 stacks (strips) to complete a baby quilt. What to do with the extra strip? I already had other ideas for the back of the quilt so I didn't want to use it there.

So here's what I did. I made another baby quilt! It worked out just right. At first I didn't think of making another one because I had used ALL the critter fabric for the 4 stacks and I didn't have any left to use in the two additional stacks needed to make another quilt. But then I thought, who says I need to use more critter fabric? I had deliberately NOT used ... but cut ... the coordinating fabric with a pink background and little flowers. I avoided it just so that the quilt would be really gender neutral. So, I opted to use that fabric and some of the extra bits and pieces of cut pieces to complete the two addtional stacks necessary to make a second (more girly) baby quilt top. (Click on the photo to see a bigger image). I'm very happy with it. And with all the cutting already having been done and one stack already completed, it was a very quick project. I only have enough little bits of fabric left to, perhaps, make a matching doll's quilt. We'll see if I'm so ambitious.

Of course, just because I have the tops done doesn't mean I can rest on my self satisfied laurels. I now have the challenge of acquiring batting and backing and then coming up with a way that will work to make these tops into actual quilts. Stay tuned. Tonight I hope to buy the fabric for the back and I've already ordered more of the red dot fabric to use for binding.
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  1. Oh, they look so cute. They are going to be gorgeous quilts.


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