Monday, August 15, 2011

Wasn't That A Party!

With both Luke and Arden leaving tomorrow morning (before the sun comes up) for Louisville and Jared having just arrived home from Vancouver today, Dave and Christa had the boys' friends over for a BBQ. And us, too.

It turned out to also be a great night for storm watching! For a minute we thought it was the fireworks from the Ex before we remembered that the Ex's last day was yesterday. Hail so loud we could hardly hear each other talking even in the house! Kevin and I went home about an hour after the storm was finished and were very surprised to see the "hail banks" in our back yard. Isn't that strange? How they're just piled up there like that in the grass? Wierd! I think a lot of flowers met their end. Oh, the drama!

I got a couple photos of Luke and Arden together. We have so many of them like this we could paper a wall.

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