Friday, November 12, 2010

21 Years Later ...

... we (that would mostly the the "Royal WE") are painting our entry way and hall, including up the stairs and the upstairs hall as well! It hasn't been painted since before we bought this house 21 years ago! It's been a boring off-white the whole time. We had been reluctant to invest time and money into painting it until we did a little structural work. We finally did that and now we can paint. Kevin has spent two days crack-filling, caulking, sanding and TSP-ing. Tomorrow he's going to paint ceilings and then we'll do walls. All the trim ... including the doors upstairs, all the baseboards and the stairs will take a while. The stair rail needs to be refinished and the wood on the stairs needs some work. It's a big project but Kevin is making real progress and I'm excited beyond words. I haven't been very involved in the prep work this time ... and with old lathe and plaster walls, believe me, there's a lot of that to be done ... but I'll be spending most of my weekend with a paint brush in hand.

We've been deliberating over paint colours and have settled on a gold colour that will, we think, complement the red of our dining room and the olive branch green of our living room. There will be lots of white, too, so I'm expecting that it won't look too dark.

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