Thursday, November 18, 2010

Colour Correction

Really, the golden yellow was lovely. I really liked it. It just wasn't right for our house and our stuff. So we explored a couple of other "golden" shades. This time, though, we brought home little sample cans and we both preferred the shade that would have been our last choice. And it IS the right colour. It's obvious now that it's on the wall. It suits our house and our stuff. We both really like it.

I'm sorry for the emails I haven't returned and the phone calls I haven't made. We've both started painting as soon as we get home from work for the past couple of days. And that's all there's been time for. I have a busy weekend planned. And if I end up storm-stayed and not able to do the things I've planned, I'll still be busy because with all the focus on painting, the rest of our house is a disaster. And even though the wall painting is done, what will be even more work is all the trim that has yet to be done. I remind you that we have 7 doors and 2 windows (all wood framed), a stair with spindles and lots of edges and angles, not to mention old, wide baseboards. Much yet to be done but it will sure be worth it! It looks SO MUCH better!

I haven't fessed up recently about my weight loss program. It's a "good news bad news" story ... depending on how you look at it. The bad news is that not only have I not lost any more weight, but I've gained 1 pound back making my total loss only 10 pounds so far. The good news is that I've only gained 1 pound back and that I've lost 10 pounds so far! I'm hoping that my fat cells have become complacent and have adapted to their new economy so that I can sneak attack them again next week.

My exercise program is off the rails, too. Before the painting business, I was finding myself just too tired to fit it into my day. Bone tired. I have trouble getting through a day of work and the other things I need to do during a normal day let alone through exercise into the day. That said, all this painting has been a form of exercise. I spent a lot of time getting up and down off the floor, reaching and stretching, running up and down the stairs. I am feeling physically stronger and my shoulders are very slowly gaining a bit more flexibility. That's encouraging. Like I said, though, this focus on painting means our house is a shambles! And I am very, very, VERY tired. I should NOT be planning on getting out of town this weekend but I am. The mess will wait. Fun won't. I hope the weather co-operates.

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