Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Paint Trial and Error

How I wish we didn't need to do a second coat! I am not at all comfortable with Kevin being up at the top of ladders that are standing at the top of the stairs. My placing a protective hand on his butt really isn't going to do much good if he ends up falling. Occupational Health and Safety would not approve!!

So we got one coat of yellow paint up. What a lot of cutting! We've decided the yellow gold is too yellow. It does look beautiful and I really do like it but it doesn't coordinate with our other more "old world" style of paint colours. We need to tone it down to a brownier gold. We've now agreed that the second coat will be a different colour. We'll try and start that tonight. Exciting!

So, if anyone out there is interested in a very good deal in a whole gallon of top of the line Benjamin Moore paint in a custom golden yellow colour, please call us asap! If you hurry, you can even come by and see what it looks like on the wall to help you decide if it's really the colour for you. The colour was matched to Martha Stewart's "Cornmeal". Here's a link to that colour, which looks like a sunshiny yellow on our walls - not as pale or gold-toned as the chip would suggest. Nonetheless, very pretty and if it matched better with our other paint colours, I'd be very happy to keep it as is. It's very cheery and that works for me.

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