Friday, November 12, 2010

Finally! An Engagement in Our Family!

No ... not Hannah or Luke! JOSH and NOELENE!! Josh is the first of "the cousins" to get engaged. We won't say he's the first to get married because there's still time for someone to scoop him, if they want.

Anyway, this is the news I was hinting at a couple of days ago when I first heard about it! I got the go-ahead from Noelene today to announce it to the world, so here it is world. Listen up!

As I understand it, they got engaged when they were in Japan from whence they've just returned having visited one of Noelene's sisters there. Noelene's family is from South Africa and their family is scattered all over the world. A sister in Japan, one in France, and Noelene in Yellowknife where she's a pilot, like Josh. I look forward to hearing the engagement story and seeing the ring. We are SO happy for Josh and Noelene and SO glad to have Noelene in our family.

The Uncles immediately went into "bachelor party in Vegas" planning mode and you can bet that if they go that route, it won't be just a "bachelor party", it will be an "engagement party" because we are not about to be left behind. And Kevin's already talking about wedding plans ... as if he's involved in all of that. "Hold your horses," I told him, "We don't even know yet if we're invited. Maybe they're going to get married in South Africa or somehere else in the world where we won't be going." Regardless, we look forward to hearing all about the plans!

Congratulations, Josh and Noelene!
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