Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy Birthday to My Beautiful Daughter

The barbecued corn at the crab-fest was very good, too!

I was able to enjoy some summer drinks with friends on the weekend since I wasn't taking the Tylenol II's with Codeine. They weren't working anyway. I'll phone my Doctor tomorrow and see what he recommends next. It was such a nice weekend to be at the lake and it was SO nice to have a fun, relaxed weekend with good friends and their lake neighbours. I really wish I'd had my camera with me on Friday night when we were out on Rex's boat fishing. The sunset was absolutely gorgeous ... bright pinks and purples ... and was reflecting brilliantly in the water on the lake ... with the trees silhouetted against all that colour. It was SO beautiful. There was a wedding on the beach and they couldn't have ordered up a nicer evening and a prettier sky.

This week will be busy. Luke gets home from California tomorrow night. The Scorpions field lacrosse team won 24 straight games (including previous years) before losing their 25th game, knocking them out of the finals. Very disappointing for them. Luke said they lost to a team they had beat handily before but that they just didn't play very good. That happens. So they placed 3rd at the tournament. Another unfortunate situation is that several of the SWAT (box lacrosse) players were away in California playing field lacrosse when they had their Rocky Mountain Lacrosse League final in Calgary. The SWAT lost in the final placing them 2nd in the league. It's too bad the Calgary team hadn't agreed to play another weekend. It would have been more sporting. Still, the SWAT posted close scores considering they were missing so many players. I see that Canada lost to the USA in a very close final at the FIL World Lacrosse Tournament in Manchester England on Saturday, too. All round, Saturday was a bad day for lacrosse. And for the Riders.  Bah humbug!

So this week, I'll see about trying a new drug. I'll work hard to get Hannah's room ready for her arrival on Sunday night! It's the room that became the dumping ground during my main floor cleaning spree. I won't have the weekend here to get ready because we have a wedding in Regina on Saturday.

Happy Birthday, Hannah, 
my beautiful girl!
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