Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sharing the Experience ... Oh Joy!

Well, that was fun! Erin, Laurie and I went to Menopause, the Musical. We had a lot of laughs! The show was sold out, I believe. I was very aware of being just one among SO MANY who are having similar experiences! It was both a little odd and comforting.

I rode my bike to work today and made it to my door just as the rain came pouring down around 5:30. I was glad to have a ride yesterday when it was so rainy and cool. Are we in Vancouver? When we do get heat and sunshine, I expect the flowers will make up for lost time. Of course, so will the weeds. In fact, lack of heat and sunshine doesn't seem to be giving the weeds any pause. Our back yard is THICK with them. I try not to look there.

Now for a little update on my ailments. Sorry. I have to document this stuff.

My joints are no better and sometimes they seem quite bad. I can't predict when they'll be particularly bad but at least it doesn't last long. Before I frequently said that pain wasn't such an issue ... it was the stiffness. But sometimes now it's quite painful. Especially the bottom of my feet ... mostly my heels, calves, and knees. My hips are very stiff sometimes but not usually sore. Like I said, the pain doesn't last long when it's at it's worst but it's certainly not any fun and it does mean quite a bit of hobbling and difficulty standing if I've been sitting. Apparently these two drugs I've tried aren't helping at all. I'll talk to my doctor again later this week. I wonder what we'll try next?

I've also started getting some strange, random spasms or twitches in my feet and legs. It's been going on for a few weeks now. This usually happens at least once a day and it lasts anywhere from 10 minutes to half an hour. It's not painful but it's very distracting. Annoying. I would even describe it as "restless leg" or "restless foot". The twitching is strong enough that it's hard to ignore and adjusting my position doesn't make any difference. I don't know why it happens or why it comes and goes that way it does. At least it's not frequent and not long lasting. I'll run this new symptom by my Doctor and see if he has any thoughts on it.

Other than that ... all's well ... as long as I don't look at the disaster that is my house. I'll worry about that tomorrow.
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