Friday, July 16, 2010

Noshing With Norma

Norma invited me to "tea" with her today even though we didn't have tea. It was too hot today for tea. It was lovely to sit in her solarium and look out over her garden ... birds flitting about all over the place! Her home is so beautifully decorated and is such a soothing environment. It's her colour choices and general sense of style. As you can see, Norma has a keen eye for design and has a special flare to everything she does and she exudes positive energy. I wish I had half her energy!

We commiserated over frozen shoulders ... both of hers have been frozen, too. We chatted about this and that. And oh, we laughed! Norma has so many crazy stories. You really should hear her tell about having her husband help her get pantyhose on when her shoulders were too frozen to do it herself. My God! If that isn't a sitcom episode already on some show, it should be!

And I love her lingering Scottish lilt. I should tape her saying "girl" ("gairl" with a gently rolled "r") and just listen to it over and over again.

It was lovely to spend some time with Norma and be inspired by her approach to life ... many interests, many talents, much laughter, and beauty in everything and to soak up a bit of her soothing environment.

I hurried home to clean bathrooms! Oh, joy.


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