Thursday, July 1, 2010

I Don't Know If It Hailed In Ituna ...

... but we did get hail here on Thursday night!  What a storm.  I hear there was a lot of water damage, too, in some places.  After it hailed, the rain poured down by the bucketfull!  We got a bit of water in our basement but no damage, except to one of Luke's t-shirts that was waiting to be laundered and was parked on the floor in front of the drain. 

This was the biggest piece of hail we saw on our deck.  I sent Kevin running out to get it, which, much to my surprise, he did!  Silly man!  I had already experienced the ouch of getting nailed by hail stones as I was standing on the step trying to take a picture.  The big one that nailed me in the foot and then bounced into the house was almost as big as this one.

Luke slept through the whole storm so we put this one in the freezer to show to him later.  I doubt he's ever seen hail this size.

I expected more damage in the garden but you would hardly know it had hailed. Yeah!

I hope you didn't get big hail!


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