Friday, July 16, 2010

Making Like This Ant

... working my tail off!

I got so much done this week while Kevin was away! My house feels so much more hospitable to life! I needed that. You may have guessed, though I didn't actually say so, that I took this week off work just to reclaim my home. I didn't tell people I was taking the week off ... it was a bit of a last minute decision ... because I knew I just needed the time to work on my home environment and I had to make every minute count. I think I was feeling just a tad depressed about not being able to get my home back in shape after being away for those 2 weeks at the end of May and beginning of June. With moving into full time work again and with my other lingering issues, I just couldn't manage it. And if I can't get any housework done on a weekend, I'm cooked. So ... I had to do this. I just had to.

With frozen shoulders and other limitations including a certain lacking in limberness, it takes me longer to do things than it used to and I sometimes have to invent new ways of doing things, too. I'm very happy with what I got done this week and it's made such a difference to my sense of well-being just to have some order in my house! It was worth using vacation days for it. I don't mind being in my house anymore!

Thursday night I did take a little bit of a break from housework and grabbed a nice dinner out with Lynne followed by a movie. Take a tissue if you go to see Toy Story III! I think it's a particulary well-done series of animated movies.

Luke has been waiting for an opportunity to mow our lawn since Kevin left last Friday and tonight ... only a couple of hours before Kevin got home ... was his first window of opportunity! Between his work, lacrosse, and rain, there really hasn't been any other time! He came home directly from work ... a day of jack-hammering ... and mowed the lawn. Thanks, Luke! I was glad to have it done before Kevin got home.

Kevin got home at 7:00 and it sounds like they had a great fishing trip! He shaved before he got home so I didn't get to see his fishing face this year. Rats! It's good to have him home ... home to a nicer home than when he left.
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